One more chance

Zayn has just me the girl of his dreams but his he in for a surprise when Charlotte comes to town?


3. keep seeing zayn

as she was walking she kept seeing zayn was he following her all she knew that zayn malik was falling for her she had no clue why? why zayn? zayn kept trying to talk to her but she didnt know what to do finally zayn gave her his number and said call me. so once she got settled in she gave zayn a call and he said hello u must be charlotte. yep she awnserd and he gave her his house number and told her to come at 2pm so she came and savannah was there. all she thought man this is gonna be bad, yep she was right zayn broke up with savannah right when she came by. she had no clue what to do but hide. she wantedto leave bu there was paparazzi so she couldnt:(. what could she do but lie. She opened the door and said "Zayns not home right now, im his housekeeper. so they all left and she left a note to zayn"im sorry i have to go ring me please" . and she left her room number at the uni. 

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