One more chance

Zayn has just me the girl of his dreams but his he in for a surprise when Charlotte comes to town?


2. Charlottes train ride

"bye mum" said Charlotte as she looked at her ticket from Dublin to london. She couldn't wait to go to London for school. She turned on her iPhone to her favourite song gotta be you.

As she boarded the train she saw girls from her school that were prettier than her and thought one direction will fancy them. Of course her favourite in the band was Zayn Malik.

Time flew bye soon they said "ok we are here In London" now they were coming off the train she tripped and somebody saved her she didn't know who because her eyes were closed then she opened them and there was the ZAYN MALIK. "thank you" she said and then he said "your very welcome love" the all she could think "woah that was Zayn Malik" but why did he call me love? He areldy had a girlfriend model savannah darcey.

That was all she thought the rest of the daywhy did Zayn Malik call me love? I'm just a small town Irish girl why me?
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