Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


12. YOLO

12; "Wake up!" someone screeched. I jolted awake to see Callie and Niall standing at the end of my bed banging pots and pans with with spoons. "Jesus. Can you guys stop?" I said laying back down. "get up. We have to practice on the stage today." Callie said. I slid out of the bed with a still asleep harry in it an went to take a shower. I took the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked out into the room to get some clothes and Harry was awake. "oh hi Kels." he smiled. "my lord." I grumbled under my breath. I grabbed some clothes and went back into the bathroom. I changed into a flare top with studs on it  with "WE ARE SO ROCK N' ROLL RIGHT NOW SHUT UP" on the front, some black shorts and black UGGs. I put on my perfume and makeup and went back into the room. "nice shirt" Harry laughed. I rolled my eyes at him  And laughed. "are you gonna change?" I said and sat next to him. "yeah." he laughed and stood up. "Jesus Harry. You couldn't have warned me?" I said covering my eyes. "sorry" he yawned. "put something on. To cover. That up." I said still covering my eyes. He threw on his boxers and I uncovered my eyes. "don't ever do that again!" I laughed. He smiled and walked downstairs. I followed him down to the living room. "Mornin love birds." Liam said as we walked in. "Good morning Liam." I said and sat on the couch. "have you guys Checked twitter?" Louis said. "no." we both said. Louis smiled and handed us the laptop. 

"One direction's band member, Harry styles, admits to dating X-Factor finalist, Kelsey Rasps. The couple was seen at a local carnival last night with the others. But apparently they went off alone to spend time together. They were pictured atop the ferris wheel kissing. Styles you charmer. And the fans have already came up with a couple name for them; Karry. Well, congrats Karry! Much love. :) xx"

"hi Karry" Louis mocked. "Hi Lewis" I laughed. "Screw you!" he said and flipped me off. I laughed and snuggled next to Harry. "Love birds!" Liam said. "Jealous?" harry smirked. "no I got Dani." Liam laughed. We watched the morning news and ate breakfast and then we piled into Lou's van, because he said we all were going. We drove down the street at I dont even know what speed. "turn on some tunes!" Niall said. Louis turned on the radio and guess what was on. Yep. What makes you beautiful. Zayn laughed and they started singing along. I just sat there smiling. "THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" harry screeched and kissed my cheek. I started blushing like crazy. "awwwhh" was chorused. Louis pulled into a spot and parked. We jumped out, and it was raining. "why is it raining?!" I said. They shrugged and we ran inside. "hey Jazzi!" I said running up to her. "Kels! Callie! You guys are late." she said. "sorry" I said. Robbie was on the stage singing as long as you love me. "WOOO! GO ROBBIE!" I yelled. He smiled and ended the song. "Great job Robbie." Jazzi said as he walked up to us. "Kelsey you're next. Go." She said and shooed me to the stage. The music started and I started singing the awkward song in front of my boyfriend and friends. Halfway through it I saw Harry with a smirk on his face. I laughed to myself and continued singing. I ended the song and jumped off the stage. "Great!" Jazzi said I smiled an walked over to harry. "Come here." he smiled and patted his lap. I sat on him and laughed. "What do you wanna do today? Since this is over now." he smiled and put an arm around my waist. "hmmm. Let's go out around the town." I laughed. He smiled and stood up, picking me up with him. "Were leaving!" he said and ran out the door, me bouncing in his arms. "How bout we go to Simons?" he smiled, still carrying me. "For what reason?" I laughed. "hmm YOLO?" he said. "my lord. You're gonna kill me! AHHH!" I joked. "No I won't." he smiled. When we got into Simons we went into the living room. He sat on the sofa and held me. I smiled and laughed silently to myself. We sat in silence until "Kels. Can I try something?" he asked me nervously. "Uh sure. What are you gon-" I got cut off by Harry's lips against mine. His hand on my cheek pulling me into him more. By now we were flipped. He was top and I was under him laying on the sofa. Still making out. He moved his hands to the hem of my shirt and began to move my shirt up, but I stopped him. "C'mon Kels." he said in a husky tone. "not too far. Okay?" I smiled he laughed and we went back to making out. "Harry... Stop.." I said out of breath as he moved down my neck. "Kelsey take a risk." he said, kissing my neck. I couldn't talk, it felt like there was a lump in my throat. "Harry.." I managed to say. I pulled him back to my face and kissed him until "um. Harry. Kelsey." it was the boys and Callie. "GETTIN IT ON!" Zayn yelled. "why do you guys always ruin the moment?" Harry said annoyed. "sorry mate. But you shouldn't be doing it in the living room.." Niall said. Harry grunted and got off me. I laid there and pouted. "Kelsey's upset." Louis joked. //
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