Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


9. Song Practice and Memories

9; I changed out of my wet clothes and into some sweats. I threw my hair up into a bun and ran back downstairs. I didn't care how I looked I just wanted to practice. "hello there." Harry said and winked. I laughed and sat down next to him. I slung my legs over his lap and laid my head on the arm of the couch. I started humming the song and Harry then started hitting my legs as a tempo. "ow!" I screeched and hit him. "sorry boo." he smiled. "BOO?! NO! IM BOO! HARRY WERE DONE!" Louis screamed and stomped off. "Louis! Wait! I'm sorry!" he laughed and still sat down, not even trying to get up. "no Harry! DONE!" Louis yelled and we heard a door slam. "rawr." I said and clawed the air. "Uh. We have to be back at the stadium in four hours." Callie said aloud. "PERFECT! We can watch a movie for now." Niall smiled an hugged her. "I didn't mean it like th-" she started before I cut her off. "oh cmon. A film won't do us any harm." I laughed. She shrugged and plopped down on another sofa with Niall. Zayn put in April Fools and sat with Liam. "this movie is so retarded." I laughed. "NO! It's scary!" Liam said. Normal scary movie; a group a friends accidentally kill a friend and dont know who to blame, then there's a chain of killings all linked to one person, they find out who does it, and in the end it's a April fools joke. I've seen a million times. About halfway through it was laying on Harry, who was completely laying down on the couch. I don't know how we ended up like that, but it was comfy. "I'm bored." Harry whispered into my ear. It was the middle of the day, I expected that. "You can help me practice the song." I said and looked into his eyes. He smiled which I took as a yes and we stood up and went up to a practice room. He closed the door quietly and stood next to Me. "You really want to practice?" he laughed. "if I want to make it I do." I laughed. "we could do something else." he smirked. "aha.. I think I'll stick with practicing." I smiled and sat on the couch in the room. He groaned and plopped down next to me. "sing" he said. I started to sing the song and I felt a bit awkward. I got to the chorus and he stopped me. "I'll tame ya." he said an smirked. He put a hand on my leg and leaned and closer to me. My eyes fluttered shut and I leaned into him, and we kissed. We stayed like that for a while until I slipped back a bit and now was underneath him. I laughed and we continued kissing until the door opened. "Harry the film is ov- Oh my god." it was Liam. "I'm sorry. I'll. Just go." he said. "you already ruined the moment." Harry said and got off me. Just then Louis ran in. "this ain't SONG practice. It's SNOG practice!" he yelled and ran back out. "I'll leave." Liam said and shut the door. "where were we?" Harry laughed. "hmm practicing my song that I have to go back to the stadium and practice in two hours." I said and stood up. "no. I don't think that's it." he laughed an pulled me onto his lap. "I have to practice." I said and tried to squirm out of his grip. "what? No kiss?" he grinned. "nope" I said, popping the "p" sound. He held onto me tighter and pulled closer. I turned my head to mess with him. "You're gonna pay for that Rasps." he said and let me go. "Never." I laughed and shook my butt and walked out of the room. "where are you going??" he laughed. "I'm hungry. What do ya think?!" I said and skipped down the stairs. The others were still in the living room chatting. "hii" I waved walking through the room. "what? No more make out session with styles?" Louis laughed. "I got hungry." I said and stopped walking. "I swear to god you're related to Niall." Zayn said. "maybe I am. C'mon cousin Niall!" I laughed and waved him into the kitchen. But then I stopped walking towards the door. "I. I can't cook" I laughed. "seriously?" Liam laughed at me. "SORRY! I never learned how." I said. "didn't your mum teach you?" Louis asked. My mum. The memories suddenly all flowed back. 

Age 6; "Mommy! Look what I made in school!" I yelled as I burst through the door. "I'm in here Kels!" she said. My mom had brown wavy hair like mine and baby blue eyes, that my sister got. "I made you a bufferfy" I said. I had lost both front teeth at the time and I couldn't pronounce some words. "It's adorable baby. I love it." she smiled a genuine smile that no other person has.

Age 8; I came home from school early because I had gotten in a fight. "What happened!" my mum said shocked. "People were making fun of me. They said I would never be a good singer." I said and frowned. "so I kicked them in their No No spaces." I finished. I heard my mum chuckle and she rubbed my back. "good for you. You stuck up for yourself. And you will be an amazing singer one day. And they will be jealous of you." she said and kissed my forehead. 

I missed my mum. I needed her and my dad. Their smiles and laughs. The way their eyes light up when they saw each other. I missed them. 

Age 10; I had been sitting at home watching Sunday cartoons when we got the call. "Kelsey. Can you come here please?" my aunt said to me. I got up and went into the kitchen. "yes?" I said and sat at the table. "your mum and dad have been in an accident." she frowned. "are they okay?" I asked. "no. They. They're gone. They went to heaven. I'm so sorry Kelsey." she said and wrapped her arms around me. That day was unforgettable. I wish it never happened. 

I was depressed since then. But I kinda got out of it by writing songs. Depressing, sad songs. But songs. 

"Earth to Kelsey?" Louis said waving a hand in front of my face. "huh? Sorry. What was the question?" I said snapping back to reality. "I said didn't your mum teach you to cook?" he said again. "oh Um no. I haven't seen her or my father since I was Ten." I said and walked into the kitchen. The curious group following behind. "Why? Where are they?" Liam said as I slammed the fridge. I had a beer in my hand. I took a sip then said, "They're dead." //
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