Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


4. Sleepover

4; "get a room" Zayn coughed. "maybe we will." Harry grinned. "uh no curly. I'm not that easy." I said and stood up. "hmmmm that's makes it more interesting." he laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked over to where our bags and stuff were. I grabbed my stuff and walked back to them. "we should go." I said. They nodded and went and got their stuff too. On the way back I had realized we had a day off tomorrow. Apparently Harry did too. "Do you want to go out for lunch tomorrow?" he whispered in my ear so no one could hear but us. "sure" I smiled. When we got back to Simons, we walked into the living room and he was sitting there drinking coffee. "a little late are we?" he said turning to us. "Yeah Simon. Sorry" liam said. "yeah yeah. Go behave." he said and shooed us away. We walked to our room  and stopped in front of the door. "uh. No boys allowed!" Callie joked. "at least not until we change." she said and pulled me into the room then slammed the door and locked it. We changed into pajamas and set up blankets and pillows on the ground. We got some movies out and I opened the door. "Enter if you dare" I said. They shuffle in one by one, then taking up the space on the floor. I put in a scary movie and sat on my bed. It started and Callie freaked out. I knew she hated scary movies. She squeezed her eyes shut and curled up in nialls arms. I smiled at that and he did too. I had seen the movie plenty of times before so I laid down and closed my eyes. "geeeeeeet up" someone said poking my face. I hadn't even fallen asleep yet. "what?" I said opening my eyes to a Harry in front of me. "we need candy." he smiled. I laughed and stood up, I walked over to a mini fridge we hid in our closet and grabbed some candy and stuff. I dropped it on Harry and sat on the edge of my bed. "stay up with us. Callie and Niall are asleep." Harry smiled. "staying up with you four sounds better than falling asleep for sure" I said sarcastically. "let's play truth or dare." Louis said. Everyone agreed and we sat in an awkward shaped circle. "Kels. Truth or dare." Liam said. "Uh truth." I smiled. "you're no fun!" Louis laughed. "Who would you kiss in this room right now. Like make out session." Liam smirked. "awkward question Liam. But um... My pillow." I laughed. They stared at me. "just kidding." I said. I get spacey when I'm tired and sometimes things slip out. "If I could kiss anyone in this room. Like full-on make out session. It'd be Harry." I giggled. "Well that's a good thing to know." Harry smiled. "I warn you guys. I get spacey when I'm tired. And I'm not gonna remember this in the morning." I laughed. "that's good too!" Zayn said. We went around giving dares until it got back to me. "truth or dare?" Zayn laughed. "Dare." I yawned. "make out with Harry for 3 minutes straight." he said, laughing. Harry blushed and I stood up. "coming?" I said and looked at Harry. He stood up and we walked out into the hall. "you know. We don't have to. We can just say we did." Harry said. "I want to. I said I would. And I will." I smiled. I leaned back onto the wall and he came closer to me until our foreheads were touching. He cupped my cheeks and pulled my lips to his. We made out until Louis and the other awake ones came out. "oooooooooooh!" Louis said. I smiled and Harry pulled back. "it's been seven minutes." Zayn said. "that long?" I laughed. He smiled and we all went back into the room. I laid down with Harry and fell asleep to the boys whispering and the faint noises from Toy Story. Which Liam put in after the scary movie ended. //
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