Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


6. One Chance

6; "now let's go. I'll call Lou and tell him to get us some gas and bring it to us." he said and grabbed my hand and walked out of the store down the side walk. Soon surrounded by people. "can we go somewhere, a little more private. This is giving me a headache." I said and touched my head. He picked me up and he ran to a secluded park. We sat under the shade of a tree and leaned against the trunk. He grabbed my hand and played with my fingers. "God Harry. You're such a flirt." I said pulling my hand away. "I can't help it." he said and touched my brown wavy hair. "is this just gonna be a fling. If it is I think I'm already too attached." I said pulling at some grass. "I don't want to loose you. You're the first girl I've felt this way over." he said and moved his hand down my arm sending chills down my spine. He reached my hand and held onto it. as if for dear life. "owww Harry." I said and looked into his emerald green eyes. "Kelsey. I think im falling for you." he said and bit his lip. I wanted to kiss him right then and there. "how can you fall when your not even sure how you feel." I said an turned my head. I'd been hurt before in relationships. And I had lost my trust in boys. And I didn't really know if he was someone to trust. But there was something in his eyes that made me forget all that. "Kelsey." he said and I turned to face him again. Some tears swelling in my eyes. "I won't hurt you. I never will." he said. I could tell he was being serious. "I'm gonna give you one chance. Please don't ruin it." I said and sniffled. He smiled and lifted up my chin. "I swear. I will NEVER hurt you. In a bad way that is." he winked at the last part. "Harold!" I slapped his arm "don't think dirty." I continued. He laughed and stood up. "come here" he said and reached down and helped me up. "where?" I smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "just come on." he laughed and grabbed my hand. I followed him down a path into the woods. "this is where me and the boys would come to relax sometimes." he said still dragging me behind him. I smiled at his enthusiasm. He suddenly stopped, making me bump into him. I laughed and looked at him. "here." he said and pointed at a treehouse up in two twisted trees. "wow." I said and looked up. "let's go." he said and started climbing up the ladder. I climbed up after him. I crawled through the door to see him sitting cross legged. "what are we doing here?" I said and sat next to him. "I find this place kind of romantic." he smiled down at me.  "and yet you hung out with your best friends here" I laughed. "well I meant like here and now. With you." he smiled cheekily. He took out his phone and went on twitter. Twitter.. I hadn't been on there in while.  I took mine out too and logged in. Over 1,000 new notifications popped up. "jeez" I said under my breath. "Come here for a picture!" Harry said and put his arm behind me. I leaned my head on his shoulder and smiled. *click* picture was taken. "You're really beautiful." he smiled. "what's your twitter again?" he laughed. "it's @/KRofficial " I laughed. He smiled and typed it in. He tweeted the picture of me and him "@/Harry_Styles: with an amazing singer for the day! Kisses! Mwah ;) @/KRofficial" was the caption. "can you play the guitar?" he asked out of no where. "Uhh. Yeah. Left and right handed. Why?" I smiled. He looked me in the eyes. "Just because- Hold on." he said as his phone rang. 

Harry: elloooo?
Caller: EYY HARRY! 
Harry: hi guys. 
He was on speaker phone on the other side I could tell by all the voices. 
Niall: HARRRRRRY! When are you gonna be back. We have plans
Harry: what is it?
Louis: Hey babe! Were going bowling! Get home!
Harry: okay boo bear. See you guys soon. 

He smiled and hung up. "I guess were going bowling." he stated as he laughed. "Harry, your car doesn't have gas" I reminded him laughing a bit. "Crap. Ummm c'mon. Let's get down and I'll call Louis." he said and started down the steps. I went down after him. I had the strange feeling of him looking up at my bum. "Harry." I said. I heard shuffling and a thud. I whipped my head around to see Harry's laying on the ground. I jumped off the ladder and landed on my feet with a hand keeping my balance. "dang. What are you? A vampire." he laughed. Then I realized how far up I jumped from. I laughed and helped him up. "what about you curly. Why'd you fall?" I said. "I fell in love." He paused "with you." he finished with a whisper and started blushing. I put my hands to his cheeks and stood on my tippy toes. I pushed my lips against his and then wrapped my arms around his neck. He slid his arms around back and pulled me closer. I pulled back my head and put my hands on his chest. "Call Lou." I smiled. He took out his phone and dialed louis' number. We started walking out of the woods next to each other but not like touching each other. "he won't answer." he said and put his phone away. "let me call Callie. She'll tell Lou." I said and took my phone out of pocket. I dialed her number and after a few rings she answered all slurry. 

Callie: chelllooo!
Me: Callie. Harry's car ran out of gas can you tell Louis to bring us a gallon?
Callie: Harry passed gas? HAHAHA
Me: no Callie. He- just let me talk to someone sober.
Callie: mmk. Here's leeeeeeyyuuuum.
Liam: hi Kels. 
Me: Liam Harry's car ran out of gas. Can you bring us a gallon?
Liam: uh. You know I can't drive right. 
Me: crap! Well who can?
Liam: Louis and Harry. But Lou is wasted. 
Me: Well why were they drinking?
Liam: it started out as a truth or dare thing. If you refused you had to drink. 
Me: ugh. Well we'll be back when we get some gas. Talk to you later. 

And with that I hung up. //
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