Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


8. Official

8; "okay. First of all. How did you guys pull this off?" I asked. "A true prankster NEVER gives away his secrets" Louis said pronouncing 'never' loudly. "well then I guess I won't tell you what I'm doing to get back at you." I smirked. "wait. What?! NO! You can't prank a prankster! It's against the rules." Louis yelled. "then I'll just have to break the rules." I laughed. They looked at me in shock. "I think I like this side of you." Harry said quietly, smirking. "Ahhh. Hush up." I smiled. "shall we be going?" I laughed to Louis. He nodded and started the car. And then he drove to Harry's "out of gas" car and dropped us off. We got in and he started it. "why'd you do this?" I asked. "do what?" he Laughed, buckling his seatbelt. "this. Go through all of this to see if I was 'the one'" I said crossing my arms. "we all have done it with the girls we like." he smiled and grabbed my hand. "You're the first to pass mine if that makes any difference." he smiled and started driving. I smiled and started blushing. "but what about the paparazzi? I'm not used to stuff like that." I said. "I'm not either. You never truly get used to it." he smiled. I could tell he actually liked me. How was I this lucky? At least the press didn't know yet. Or did they?

*The Next Morning*

"Wake up sleepy head." someone whispered into my ear. "never." I laughed. "I made you food." they said. I could tell it was Harry now. "food?!" I said and shot up. "just kidding" he smiled. "don't joke about food." I said and laid back down. "c'mon. Everyone is downstairs." he said and poked me. "only if you carry me." I said and rubbed my eyes. "okay." he laughed and picked me up bridal style. I laughed and slung my arms around his neck. He caried me down the stairs and set me down on the floor so I was standing. "neeehhh." I whined and scratched my head. He kissed my forehead an walked into the kitchen. I stood there for a second then walked into the living room. Echoes of "good morning" filled the air as I entered. "yeah morning." I said and yawned. I'm normally not tired in the morning but I was. "Someone's sleepy." Liam laughed. "Be quiet." I said and sat on the couch. The tv was on the news channel and no one was paying attention until they mentioned me and Harry. "The well known One direction's band member, Harry Styles, was caught out and about with X-Factor singer, Kelsey Rasps yesterday. What could these two be doing? Here are some pictures the paparazzi snapped of the sneaky duo. One of them in a restaurant. Another going into 1D store and then one coming back out with a bag. What could they have gotten? A few of them sitting in a park. I mean come on. If these pictures don't say DATING I don't know what they mean. Oh! This just in, sugarscape will be doing a story about this. Can't wait to see it. Well, that's the end of my time! See you tomorrow!" the news lady said. Harry wasn't back in the room yet. We were all laughing when he came in. "what'd I miss." he said holding a plate of bacon. "BACON!" me and Niall yelled. Harry set the plate on the table. "so what happened that's so funny?" he smiled looking at me eating the bacon. "You and Kelsey were on the news." Zayn laughed. "oh joy" Harry laughed and sat next to me and draped an arm around me. "What are we doing today?" callie asked. "Uhh. Simon?" Liam said. "the girls have vocal practice and you guys, I don't even know" Simon said. "when is vocal practice?" I asked. "uh. 20 minutes." Simon said looking at his watch. "20 minutes?!?!" me and Callie said at the same time. "Yes. It's practice for the last performance." he said and we jumped up and ran to our rooms to get dressed. I threw on some black skinnies and a rolling stones shirt and slid on some black SUPRAS. Callie was her cheerful, colorful, self with her floral blouse, white skinnies and baby pink flats. We put on some makeup and did our hair then ran downstairs. "how much longer do we have?" I said, panting. "15 minutes." Simon said and we ran out the door to Callie's car. We jumped in and sped off. We made it to the stadium within 10 minutes. We ran through the doors to our competitor, Robbie. We were the only three left in the X-Factor. All solo artists. Robbie was an AMAZING singer. He had an incredible voice. "thanks for showing up!" he said sarcastically. "geez Rob. Calm your trousers." Callie said. I snickered and we all walked to our vocal coach, Jazzi. "Okay guys. This is a big performance. Here are your songs." she said and handed us our songs. "As long as you love me? What the heck is that?!" Robbie said. "It's by Justin Beiber." Jazzi laughed. "Pocket full of sunshine! Yes!" Callie smiled. I slowly opened my packet. "Can't be tamed." I said and looked up. I knew Miley Cyrus sung this, and she was actually an inspiration of mine. "yeah. I thought you might like it." Jazzi said. "okay you guys go practice. Meet back Here in FOUR HOURS!" she said an walked off. "Well. I'm leaving." Robbie said and walked away. He might of been an amazing singer, but he was SO stuck up. We drove back to Simons and walked into the house right as it started pouring. "what are your songs?" niall asked. "Pocket full of sunshine!" Callie squealed. I laughed at mine, realizing Harry would be in shock. "haha. Um, Can't be tamed." I blushed. "OH DANG!" Harry said and pulled me onto his lap. "that doesn't fit you Kels." Liam said. "Shut up." I laughed.  "YOU'VE CORRUPTED HER!" Simon yelled. "no they haven't." I protested. Harry grabbed my wrists and pulled me up. "what are you doing?!" I laughed. He looked at Niall an he nodded and grabbed Callie's wrists. "what the?" she said as they dragged us out into the pouring rain. I shrieked as the cold water hit me. "time to make things official." Harry said. He grabbed my waist And pulled me closer to him. He then smashed his lips to mine not caring who saw. We stood there, soaked from the rain, kissing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed my fingers through his wet curls. I pulled back and gasped for air. "Amazing." I whispered and hugged him. "now that we're both official can we go inside before we get sick?" Callie shivered. We laughed and ran inside, dripping wet. As soon as we walked through the door. "Sugarscape has a story up about Harry and Kelsey!" Zayn yelled an showed us a laptop. 

We all know that our Hazza likes girls. What boy doesn't. But he fell for someone his own age! If you watch The X-Factor, you may know finalist, Kelsey Rasps. She and Harry were seen around town yesterday 'hanging out' but who knows what actually happened! And today they were seen running out into the pouring rain for a magical kiss! Aww haz you're so romantic. 

Harry also tweeted this, '@/Harry_Styles: with an amazing singer for the day! Kisses! Mwah ;) @/KRofficial'  with a picture of them together. 

Could this duo be dating?? Or just a fling? What do you think???

On another note. CALLIE AND NIALL WENT OFFICIAL! The proof is in the tweets. 

Niall: Yes guys, I have been hanging out with @/CallieDamon lately.. So what? ;)
Callie: With nialler and 3/5 of 1D today! Pumped! ;D @/NiallOfficial
Niall: @/CallieDamon is amaziiiing. <<33
Callie: I hacked Niall. Haha! ;* <3
Niall: Callie I'm gonna git you. Be prepared for me.. Mwahahaha!
Callie: oh no! I'll just steal your food. :P @/NiallOfficial
Niall: @/CallieDamon YOU CAN'T! Kelsey ate it. :(
Callie: @/NiallOfficial aww babe :(
Niall: @/CallieDamon love you Xxxxxxx
Callie: @/NiallOfficial I lovee youu more Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Niall: ok. For the fans and readers wondering. I'm dating @/CallieDamon... :)
Callie: yeeeeeee. Just read @/NiallOfficial 's tweets. <3

That's true love people! Alright well, see you soon Scapers!"

We all laughed and talked about it for a few minutes until I realized we were still dripping wet and ran up to our room to change. Maybe the publicity wouldn't be so bad? I guess I was wrong... //
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