Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


5. I Did What?!?

5; when I woke up I heard snoring. I was groggy from last night. All I remembered was watching a movie. I sat up and saw Zayn, Liam, and louis on the floor sleeping, Callie and Niall in her bed sleeping and Harry asleep like an angel.. In my bed. I stood up and grabbed my phone. I turned on the alarm and put the volume to 100%. They all jumped awake. "GET UP!" I laughed. "Kelsey. Go to sleep." Callie yawned. "NEVER!" I laughed and hit her and Niall with a pillow. They laughed, then someone tackled me. It was Harry. "What are you doing?" I said. "payback" he smirked. He leaned into kiss me but I stopped him. "what are you doing?" I asked pushing him off me. "oh yeah. You can't remember last night." Louis laughed. "did you guys take advantage of me? Was I raped?" I laughed. "no. But you made out with Harry for like 7 minutes." Zayn said. My face burned a deep crimson. "No I didn't." I said "then who did?" Liam laughed. "FINE! It's not my fault I get spacey." I laughed. They all laughed at me. Then Niall said, "you made out with Harry? That's hilarious." he rubbed his eyes and laughed. "well I don't remember it happening." I said. "oh we have pictures." Zayn laughed. "WHAT?!" I screeched. They all started cracking up. "Who's phone are they on. Tell me now." I said. "oh come on Kels. You're more fun when you're tired. Cause it's like you're not you." Louis laughed. Not me? They don't like me, for me? They like me when I act like a fool. "out." I demanded. "what?" Liam asked confused. "Get. Out. NOW!" I said and pointed at the door, stifling tears. All the boys but Harry left. "Kels. What's wrong?" Harry said. "Louis said its more fun when I'm not like myself. I'm not gonna fake being me." I said. "Babe it's not like that. He meant that you're different when you're tired." he smiled. "EXACTLY! I can't remember anything that happened." I said letting a tear slide down my cheek. "don't cry. Maybe you just need a kiss to jolt your memory." he smirked and leaned into me. For some reason I couldn't pull away. It was like I was in a trance. He put his hand to my cheek and pulled my face closer to his softly, until our lips met. He pulled back after a bit and said " how bout we get ready for lunch now?" and smirked. I laughed and nodded. I pushed him out of the room so I could get dressed. Callie had already left with Niall. I put on a studded zip up black crop top and some skinny jeans. I slid on some steve madden studded boots. I put on a sweater because it was a little windy out, and put on my necklace. I grabbed my purse, phone and sunglasses an opened the door. There stood Harry all dressed. "shall we go?" he said shutting the door behind me. We went downstairs to where Simon and everyone was. "were going out. Be back later." Harry said. Simon waved us off and we left in his Range Rover. "where are we going?" I asked when we got into town. "just a little food place." he said. I smiled. He pulled over in a parking space on the side of the road. He turned off the car and we got out and started walking down the sidewalk. "people are gonna think we're dating." I said. "Would that be a bad thing?" he laughed. "I don't know." I giggled. I barely EVER giggled. Except when I'm really tired. It's like I'm on loopy gas. "did I just.. Giggle?" I stopped in my tracks. "yes. Yes you did" he laughed. I shook it off and continued walking. "in here." harry said opening a door leading me in. "awe this place is cute." i said looking around the little restaurant.  He smiled and a waiter led us to a table by the window. We order some pasta and ate it. It was a good hour or two. Except for the fans and paparazzi outside the window. "is it always like this?" I asked him. "pretty much." he smiled. We paid for our food and left. As soon as we stepped outside people were screaming. "Jesus." I said shocked. "Just stay calm." Harry laughed. He slid an arm around my waist and we walked through the crowd to his range rover. He opened my door and I hopped in. He was soon in his seat too. He put the keys in the ignition and tried to start it, but it wouldn't. "were screwed" I laughed. "ugh. I'm out of gas." he said and hit the horn. I laughed and patted his leg. "lets go say hi to them." I smiled. "They're gonna be questioning you." he said unbuckling. "Eh. I don't care." I laughed and opened my door. I hopped out a closed the door. Harry came around and pulled my arm. I tripped over next him. "let's walk around town." he said. I smiled and we walked down the street. Crowd following. "Look a one direction store!" I laughed pointing at it. "hahha. Very funny!" he said and pushed me a little. "Like OH MY GOD! Harry lets go into it! I wanna buy stuff!" I joked. He smirked and dragged me towards it. "I was just kidding." I said stumbling behind him. "no let's go! I want a Harry shirt!" he laughed. He opened the door right as I said, "But the Directioners!" we ran in and everyone's jaws dropped. "Kelsey come on!" harry said, dragging me through the store. "excuse me sir. But you have to st- oh my god. Youre." a worker said. "Harry styles at your service ma'am." he laughed. "sorry. But I need a shirt. With my face on it." he smiled. She pointed to a rack and he ran over there and grabbed a shirt and threw it at me. "Put it on" he laughed. I put it over my crop top and modeled it jokingly. "Hot." he laughed and winked. I took it off and handed it to him. He went to the counter and bought it. "seriously curly?" I laughed. "yeah." he said and gave me the bag. //
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