Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


1. Harry styles

1; "Hello love. What's your name?" were the first words I heard as I stepped out on the X factor stage. "Kelsey Rasps" I said nervously. "how old are you." Simon asked. "Seventeen today." I smiled. "well happy birthday to you!" the judges said. "thank you" I laughed. My nerve was going away slowly. "what will you be singing?" Simon said again. "Payphone by maroon 5." I smiled. "are you doing the rapping part also?" he smiled. "yeah." I said and the music started up. It got to the rapping part and everyone hushed. I got through the whole rap without messing up and everyone cheered. The song ended and I waited for the judges responses. "Your voice is like something ive never heard before. In a good way. So you have an almighty yes from me" Simon smiled. "thank you!" I said. Nicole's turn, "I agree with Simon. You have a yes." "thank you!" I said again. Louis' turn, "well," he started. "Lou! Don't be a jerk." Simon said, noticing the tone in his voice. "I just think that you aren't ready to go onto the big time." he finished. I nodded. "No Kelsey! Don't agree with him! You have a beautiful voice." Nicole smiled. "thank you" I smiled. "that's leaves Demi." Simon said. "I think you have an amazing voice. So of course. Yes you're in!" she smiled. "Thank you so much!" I said and walked off stage. "AHHHHH!!" my family yelled. Well most of my family. It was my uncle, aunt, two brothers and my sister. My mom and dad had died when I was ten in a freak accident. They hugged me and were crying. "how does it feel to know you made it through?" the guy backstage asked me. "Nerve racking." I laughed. "but I seriously didn't expect this. And hopefully I'll prove Louis wrong." I smiled. "Well best of luck and congratulations!" he said and hugged me. We left back to our house where a party awaited for me. Some weeks passed and by then Simon had brought me to his house. I was excited that he chose me. Before my performance that night, Simon brought in a vocal coach to help me. Who was, none other than... The Harry Styles. "You must be Kelsey." he smiled and shook my hand. "yeah. Hi." I smiled. "ok let's get to work." he brought me into a closed room with a piano. "what song are you singing?" "uh well this is embarrassing." I blushed. "what song?" he laughed. "Moments." I said. "by us?" he smirked. "not my choice curly. But yes." I laughed. He started to play it on the piano and smiled. I started singing and he looked at me shocked. "if we could only have this life for one more day. If we could only turn back time." I sang his part as he harmonized softly with it. We got through the rest of the song and he stood up. "you have an amazing voice Kelsey." he smiled and we walked out of the room. "if you need any help. Call me." he smiled and handed me his number. I stood there shocked as he walked off with Simon. "hey Kelsey." a girl I had shared a room with said. "Hey Callie." I smiled. "you got his number?" she asked. "No duh. But he said just if it was about singing" I sighed. "did he say those exact words?" she smiled. "no but-" she cut me off. "Then he likes you!" she said giddily. "In my dreams." I smiled slightly.
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