Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


11. Carnival Day

11; it was now 8:00 pm and Callie had just got home. She walked into our room to find me and Harry on my bed. "Awww!" was what she said. "Hi cal." Harry laughed. "how was practice?" I asked. "good but Robbie needs to stop being so sassy. It's seriously getting on my nerves." she said and plopped on her bed. Just then Niall ran in. "Carnival time!" he yelled. "ugh. Let us change then we'll go." I said. He nodded and he and Harry left. I changed into some skinnies, a Denim Chiffon sleeveless blouse, and my grey converse. Callie had an Avengers tank on, some floral shorts, and her pink and white Air Jordans. With her captain America shield necklace. We grabbed our extra stuff and went downstairs. "Reeeeeady to go girls?" Liam said as we walked into the living room. "yup" we said and we all walked outside. There were paparazzi out there from earlier still. Harry put an  arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. We continued walking down the street to the carnival. When we got there Niall had already ran to the food courts. "Were gonna walk around by ourselves." harry said and we walked off towards the petting zoo. "Awww baby bunnies." I said and leaned down next to the pen they were in to pet them. "pick one up." Harry said. I laughed and picked a fat fluffy one up. I turned to Harry and he had his phone out taking a picture. "smile!" he laughed. I smiled and he snapped the shot. I set the bunny back down and brushed the fur off me. Then my phone beeped. Twitter notification. 

"@/Harry_Styles: @/KRofficial and a bunny! Which one is cuter? I say Kelsey is... ;) Xx"

Wow Harry. "Aren't you a charmer." I laughed, turning my phone off. "where to now?" he asked intertwining our fingers. "The ferris wheel!" I said enthusiastically. "Uhh." he said. "no. You're not backing out. We're going on it." I said and pulled him into the line. We waited in the line and then finally got in a carriage. "youll be fine you big baby." I laughed. It started and we slowly rose up. We got to the top and it stopped. Harry sighed. "Why me?" he laughed. "oh shut up. You have me." I smiled and grabbed his hand. "that's true." he smirked and leaned in. I closed my eyes and leaned in too. And we kissed. As soon as our lips touched fireworks went off. Like actual "BOOM BOOM" explosive fireworks. He pulled back in shock. "big baby." I smirked. He laughed and we kissed again whist the fireworks were happening. The ride started going again and we pulled apart. "That's gonna be covering every page on twitter as soon as it gets put up." he said once he realized we were surrounded by paparazzi. "eh. Who cares?" I smiled as we stood up and exited the ride. He held my hand softly as we walked through the crowd. "Kelsey! Harry! Are you guys dating?" the question shot from everywhere. "Uhh." I said not knowing what Harry wanted me to say. "Yes. We are." he said proudly. I smiled and blushed. He pulled me through the crowd and we met up with the others. "hey guys." he said as we walked up. "AWWH!" they chorused and looked at our hands. "Shut up." I said. "are you guys hungry?" Niall said. "yes." I said and jumped. "Jesus. What do you want?" Harry smiled. "cotton candy!" I said. "Okay babe." he said and kissed my forehead and went with Niall to get it. Zayn laughed. "Zayn be quiet." I said. "You guys are adorable!" Liam said. "Liam." I said and glared at him. "just saying the truth" he said. Just then Harry came back. "here babe." he said and handed me a cotton candy stick thing. "thank you." I smiled and kissed his cheek. I pulled off a bit and ate it. We were all sitting around at a table eating and talking when a voice came over the loud speakers. 

"ATTENTION ALL GUESTS! There will be an extra firework show soon. Please enjoy and have a nice night." 

"oh Harry. More fireworks." I joked. "why do they hate me!?" he said. Everyone laughed at him and we continued talking. "lets go sit on some blankets." Louis said. We agreed and went to sit on the ground. I sat down and Harry put his arms around me. I laid back on his chest and smiled. Peacefulness. "awwwww." was chorused again. "guys shut up." I said. "kiss. Kiss Kiss. Kiss. Kiss." they chanted. I rolled my eyes and looked at Harry, now blushing. I smirked and pulled his face Down to mine and kissed him. We kissed for a few minutes until Liam coughed "break it up." I glared at him. Then the fireworks started again. He held my hand and rested his chin on my shoulder. He started kissing my neck and I shivered. "h-Harry. Stop" I said. "Kelsey. C'mon babe. Live a little." he laughed. "this is a public place. There are children around" I laughed. "Hmm? Oh. Let them watch." he smiled. "Harold! No. Stop." I laughed and pushed him away from me. "Haz don't be naughty." Liam said. "Liam screw off." Harry laughed. The fireworks ended and we all stood up. "let's go play some carnival games!" Callie said grabbing nialls hand. We agreed and walked over to the game booths. We stopped at a water shooting game and we all took a seat. The bell rang and we started. It was a close race between Liam and Harry. Mine kept going away from the target. Harry got to the top first and the buzzer went off. "we have a winner!" the man said and pointed at Harry. Harry chose his prize. Which was a stuffed bear that held a heart that said "I love you" on it. He walked over to me and handed it to me. "I love you!" he said cheekily. "oh my god. Harry. I love you too." I said and stood on my tippy toes to hug him. He wrapped his arms around my back and squeezed me. We let go and started walking again. I yawned and harry pulled me closer to him. "wanna go home?" he asked. I nodded and laughed. "guys. We're gonna go back to Simons. Night" he said. "night Harry. Night Kelsey. " they said. We waved and walked back to Simons. "whatcha wanna do?" he said as we entered the house. "hmmm. Your choice." I laughed and grabbed his hand. "don't give me that much power" he smiled. He spun me around and pulled me in for a kiss. "a. Hem." someone coughed loudly. It was Simon. "Sorry Simon." I laughed and pulled harry up the stairs. "my choice on what to do right?" he smiled. "hmm. Yeah that is what I said." I smiled and bit my lip. "Hmm then you're in for a surprise." he laughed as we barged into the room. I closed the door and looked at him. "well?" I said. "come here." he smiled. I walked over to him and he grabbed my hands. "Let's....... Sleep." he laughed and yawned. I smiled and he laid in my bed. "I'm going to change." I said and grabbed pajamas and went into the bathroom. I changed into the pajama shorts and Betty boop top and ran back into the room. I jumped next to Harry an he was already asleep. I smiled and slung an arm over his chest. "goodnight babe." I whispered and softly kissed him. I laid my head on his chest an drifted asleep. //
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