Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


13. Bad News from John

13; "no duh." I said and sat up. "we'll finish this later." Harry whispered into my ear. I laughed and blushed. "let's go out today!" Callie said. "to where?" I said and sat on Harry's lap. "I don't know. Just around town and hang out." she said. "excellent idea!" Niall said, wrapping Callie in hug, in which she squealed. "sounds good." Harry laughed and held onto me. "Yeah" I agreed, mostly dazed in Harry's eyes. "Kelsey?" Liam snapped his fingers at me. "huh?!" I snapped out of my trance. "daydreaming?" He laughed. "Hehe. Yeeeaaaah." i blushed. Harry smiled and picked me up. "Let's go to the park!" Louis said. But suddenly I felt really sick. Like REALLY sick. "I think I'm gonna stay here." I said and clutched my stomach. "awh. That sucks." Liam said. "I'll stay with her." Harry said and started carrying me to the bedroom. He sat me on the bed and laid next to me. "go Harry. I don't want to ruin your night." I said and put my hair in a bun. I stood up and Changed into sweats and loose top. "I wanna stay with you." he smiled. I smiled at him. "you don't have to" I said and sat in-between his legs. "I want to." he said and wrapped his arms around me. "You're the sweetest guy ever." I said and cuddled into him. "You're the beautifullest girl ever." he smiled. "that's not even a word" I laughed. "ahh. Shut up." he said and hugged me tight. I giggled and blushed. He rolled me over so we were chest to chest. "were alone finally." he said. "hmm. Yes it seems we are." I laughed. He smirked at me an I laughed. "wanna try again?" he said. "Not all the way but sure." I spoke nervously. "Why not all the way?" he asked. "I'm a virgin." I said embarrassed. "I'm fine with that. I'll wait until you're ready." He said and kissed my head. "I want to. But I'm afraid." i said an got off him. "I'll wait until you really want to." he smiled. "thank you." I said and blushed. "we can still make out." he said a few minutes later. "Naughty boy." I laughed and poked his nose. "I was serious." he laughed. "Hmmm. Maybe." I laughed and cuddled up in his arm. "please. Just one kiss?" he begged. "Fine." I said and propped up on my arms. I pecked his lips fast and pulled away. I laughed and hid my face. "I'm gonna get you back." he said and started tickling me. "haz stop!" I laughed. "kiss me!" he said. "okay okay!" I said and he stopped. I  leaned into him and kissed him. He held me there so I couldn't pull away. I laughed and continued kissing him. We made out for about 5 minutes then my phone went off, blaring Ride To California as my ringtone. I only had that ringtone for one person. My brother John. I pulled back from Harry and grabbed my phone. "Hello?" I said as I caught my breath. "Hey sis." "Hi Johnny!" "how are you?" "I'm good. How are you?" "I'm fine. What are you doing?" "Uhh haha well I was making out with my boyfriend." I laughed and looked at Harry, who winked at me. "TMI Kels." "haha sorry. What's up? Why'd you call?" "Well aunt Jane, uncle Bill and Will have been in an.. Accident." my heart stopped. I was about to cry. "are they.. Okay?" I croaked. "we- they're all in comas." he said. "no. This can't be happening. How'd it happen." I said wiping my tears. Harry had a confused look. "they got in a car crash. A bad one." John said. "john I want to come home." I said. "No. You have one more performance. You can do it. I'll keep you informed. And Kels?" "yeah" I cried. "Me and Cassie are gonna be at the performance." "really?! Yay." "yeah haha. Ugh. I gotta go sis. I love you. Talk to you soon." "I love you too. Bye" "bye" and I hung up. "what happened?" Harry said as he sat up and held me. "they. I. Coma. Why?" I cried into Harry's chest. "what happened?" he said seriously looking straight into my eyes. "aunt. uncle. Brother. Comas." was all I could get out. "Baby. Don't cry." he said and hugged me. "on the bright side. John and Cassie will be here tomorrow." I said quietly. "that's good. You'll get to see your family." Harry smiled. "I want you to meet them." I said. "huh?" Harry asked shocked. "you and my brother would get along. You guys look alike" I laughed a bit. "you act strong. Is this really you?" he said. I shook my head no and laughed sadly. "no. It isn't." I looked into his emerald green eyes and said, "When my mum and dad died I didn't cope with things very well. I. I cut myself and I hurt myself. A lot. I would bite my lips to make me bleed. No one liked me. I know I was only ten but I was put through a lot. And it continued for years until my ex boyfriend made me stop." I took a deep breath and tried to start again but Harry talked. "where did you cut your self?" he said. "my hips and legs. And my arms when I was younger. But all the scars are pretty much gone." I said and let a tear roam my cheek. "Where on your legs?" he asked. "near the top." I said confused. He picked up my arms and kissed them. Then he pushed me down so I was flat on my back. Out of no where he pulled off my sweatpants and lift my shirt up. "HARRY!" I screeched. He didnt say anything, but instead he kissed my hips and my legs. "please don't ever do it again." he said kissing my hips again. I started bawling my eyes out. "Kelsey I love you. Don't hurt yourself again. I love you. I love you. I absolutely love you with everything I have. Please don't do it. For me?" he said pulling me up. "Harry I. I love you." I said whilst crying. "Don't cry." he hugged me. "I'm not" I said. "I can see you." he laughed. I laughed at his laugh. "Kiss me." I said. He laughed and kissed me passionately. Romantic, but not heated.  I found him. I found the one.  //
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