Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


2. A loss, or two..

2; it was about ten minutes before my performance and I started freaking out. I couldn't find my Dream catcher necklace. It was like a good luck charm. "Kels. Calm down. We'll find it." Callie reassured me. "I need that necklace Callie. It was my moms." I said, stifling my tears back. " We WILL find it. Don't worry" she said and hugged me. We searched everywhere. "it's not here Callie!" I said. "it's somewhere!" she said. "Uhh. Kelsey. What's wrong?" it was Harry. "I can't find my necklace. I know it sounds stu-" I squeaked out. "it's okay. Every singer has a good luck charm. And I think I have yours" he smiled and pulled out my necklace from his pocket. "you left it in the practice room." he smiled. "oh my god. Thank you Harry!" I said and hugged him. "Your welcome Kels. Now go. You're up." he smiled and pushed me to the stage. I started singing and continued on the stage. I tried to be a little emotional with it because what it is about. After Zayn's part other voices joined in. Then I realized it was them. The actual One Direction. In the flesh and blood, standing with me, singing. I'm pretty sure my face turned beat red. The song ended and I just buried my face in my hands whilst laughing. "so Kelsey. Is this a good surprise?" Simon laughed. "yeah I guess" I smiled. "It was Harry's idea" Simon smiled. "what can I say?" Harry laughed. We all walked off the stage to a back room. "so you're the Kelsey Harry hasn't been able to shut up about." Louis smirked. Harry elbowed him in the gut. He made a "oof" noise and laughed at Harry. Harry was giving him a death stare. "not been able to shut up about. Huh?" I made fun of him. "Shush it" he blushed and looked at the ground. "you have an incredible voice Kelsey." Liam said. "Thank you Liam." I smiled. We all talked for about an hour or so then Simon came back to where we were with Callie. "How'd it go Cal?" I asked her. She ran over to me and hugged me. "I couldn't do it. I got a call before I went on saying my mom had died. I just couldn't do it." she whispered into my ear. "Oh my god. Are you okay?" I said squeezing her. "I guess so. Can we go somewhere. To get my mind off it?" she sniffled. "Of course! Let's go to the lake." I smiled. She let me go and wiped her eyes "okay." she smiled. "can we come?" the boys asked. "uuhh. Sure." I laughed. We went back to Simons, because apparently they were staying there too. We changed into our bikinis and cover up clothes and went into the living room where the boys were already changed. "Lets go!" Louis yelled. "don't corrupt them." Simon said to the boys. "no promises!" Niall yelled and pick Callie up and ran out the door. The other boys ran out after him except for Harry. He walked out with me. "Your boyfriend must be lucky." he said. I laughed to myself. Typical pickup line. "Oh really. Why?" I chuckled. "Because. Uh. Your a good singer." he gulped. "That the only reason?" I smiled. He nodded. I laughed at him and ran over to Louis' van.
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