Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


7. A Joke

but I was still tired. It was a long day. "uh no." he laughed. "fine. I'll walk." I grumbled. He laughed and shook his hair we passed his car and grabbed a gallon container on the way. We got to the station and went inside to pay then fill up. He handed the cashier the money and he put in the register. He got his change and we went back outside. I shivered walking into the cold, brisk wind. "are you cold?" Harry asked. "n-no. Just get the gas-s." I said rubbing my arms. "you're freezing. Here." he said and took off his jacket and slung it over my shoulders. "Harry. I'm f-fine. You're gonna freeze. Put it back on-n." I said taking it off and handing it to him. "no. My princess needs to stay warm." he smiled and pushed it back to me. "well your princess wants you to be warm." I said and put my hand on my hip. "fine. If you say so baby." he said and kissed my cheek. We weren't even dating. At least not officially. I said I'd give him a chance, but he didn't ask the question! 


I stood there, arms crossed as he filled it up. Soon some creeps were gathering around. Paparazzi? Fans? I couldn't tell. It was too dark out. "um Harry can you hurry up?" I asked walking closer to him. "yeah. I'm done now." he said and turned the pump down. He picked it up and put an arm around me. Paparazzi snapping pics now, so it was those filthy ingrates. "can we have some privacy." I snapped. "Harry! What you doing out late with Kelsey?!" they were shouting. "did no one hear me." I said. They gathered around closer. "Kelsey what are you two doing." they said. I looked at harry. "Nothing. Can you leave us alone?" I said and tried to walk away. "kels. Wait." Harry said and grabbed my arm. "Harry. I'm claustrophobic." I said and wiggled out of his grip and pushed through the crowd, but they still followed me. "Kelsey wait!" Harry said. "Kelsey!" I heard him scream. I whipped my head around to see him being beaten to the ground by the "photographers". "Harry!" I screeched and ran back over there. "Get away from him!" I said kicking one in the ribs and punching another in the jaw. "go! Get out Of here!" I said punching some of the others. They ran down the street and I collapsed next to a bruised Harry. "Are you okay?" I said rolling his head to face me. He had already had a swollen eye and a bloody lip. "bloody hell." I whispered under my breath. "babe. I'm okay." he groaned out, clutching his ribs. I lifted up his hand to slide up his shirt. "it's not cut. Maybe you broke a rib?" I said sliding it back down. "Can you call the boys. I think I need to URRGGH go to the hospital." he said, squeezing his eyes shut. "it's okay Harry. Stay calm." I said a took out my phone and called the home phone. "pick up. Pick up pick up." I said in a hushed tone. 

Liam: hello?
Me: LIAM! Harry's been hurt. I think he needs to go to the hospital.
Liam: oh god. Where are you? How bad is he? What happened?
Me: 25th street. I'll tell you the rest later. HURRY!
Liam: okay. Be there soon. Simons driving me. 
Me: good. Please get here soon. 
**end call**

"Harry, Liam's on his way. Stay calm." I said and touched through his hair. I pulled my hand back in a rush when a felt liquid. I could barely make out what it was with the street lights. I shined my phone on my hand. Blood. "Crap. Liam please hurry." I said and turned my phone off. I patiently waited next to a hurt Harry for Liam and Simon. "Harry," I said my voice cracking. "yeah." he asked in pain. "You're gonna be fine. Okay? Just remember that." I said and grabbed his hand. "um ok. I'm tired. Can I go to sleep?" he yawned. "NO! I mean, no you can't babe. We have to wait for Liam and Simon to get here." I said and rubbed his palm. "When are they coming?" he said. "I don't know. Just stay calm and rel-" I was cut off by Liam yelling to me. "KELSEY! We're here!" he said as he ran. "thank god." I said. He picked Harry up and carried him into the backseat of the car. I sat down and put his legs on my lap. "Kelsey." he groaned. "Yes Harry?" I asked trying to stay calm. "Come here." he said and moved my head closer to his. "Kelsey. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, a smile playing on his face. "of course Harry." I smiled and kissed his forehead. "good. Stop the car!" he laughed. "wait what?" I said confused. And out came a laughing Liam and Louis from up front. "Louis? I thought Simon was driving you?" I said. "you got pranked!" Louis laughed. "I what..." I blanked. Some anger filling inside me. "Hi Kelsey." harry said and sat up. "what just happened?" I asked. "Mr. Curly wanted to know if you were the one so we put you trough initiation." Liam said. "wow guys. Scare me half to death." I said placing my hand over my heart. "hey it's natural. All of the girls we like go through this. AND YOU PASSED!" louis smiled. "at what?" I questioned. "at acting responsible. He wanted to know what you would do if he ever actually got hurt." Liam said. "so I just kicked a guy in the ribs and punched a few in the face, because of a joke? What the hell?!" I yelled. "you kicked a guys in the ribs?! And punched some in the face! DUDE! She's a keeper!" Louis said to me and Harry. They aren't gonna hear the end of this from me. How did they even pull this off?!?! //
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