Kelsey is a 17 year old singer who wants to get her dream going. So she auditions for the well known show "The X-Factor". But little does she know that she'll find a romance with none other than, Harry Styles...


3. A day at the lake

3; I jumped in the van and saw that there was only one seat left. And Harry sat in it before I could. "come here" he said and patted his lap. I rolled my eyes and laughed, then sat on his lap. I felt awkward. We got to the lake in no time and we rushed out of the van to the sand. I laid my towel on the sand and sat on it. "a beach beauty." a Harry said. "were at a lake smart one" I laughed and took off my shoes. I heard him chuckle too. I stood up and took my shorts off. "Harry. Stop staring." I heard Liam say. I laughed and smiled. I turned around to see only Liam, Zayn, and Harry on the sand. I looked at the water and saw Niall and Callie swimming. "well isn't that sweet." I smiled and turned back to the boys. Staring at me. "Problem?" I laughed. They shook their heads no. I unbuttoned my shirt and put it on my towel. "IT WAS A ISTY BITSY TEENY WEENY YELLOW POLKA DOT BIKINI!" Harry yelled pointing at me. "Very funny." I said and walked closer to the water, letting the little waves roll over my feet. "you boys coming in?" I said smiling. Harry and Liam took off their shirts and ran into the water. Leaving Zayn on the sand. "Come on Zayn!" I yelled, motioning him to get in the water. "nah. I'm good." he laughed. I ran up to him and held out my hand. "come on. You'll have fun." I smiled. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand helping him up. "let's go!" I said and ran into the water. "I can't swim." he said. "I know that. Come on. You gotta learn someday." I smiled and grabbed his hand pulling him in. "WOAH! Kelsey got Zayn to get into the water!" Niall yelled. The boys looked at me in shock. "what? I gave him no choice." I laughed. We got up to our chests and he refused to go out any further. "come on Zayn. I thought you were the Bradford bad boy?" I smirked. "oh no she didn't!" I heard Louis say. "come on!" I said and pulled him further in. "see. You're not dead yet." I laughed. "do you guys wanna go eat. I'm starving." Niall said. "You always are Niall." Liam said. "shut up!" Niall laughed. "piggy back race!" Louis yelled and jumped on zayns back while Niall jumped on Liam's. Me, Callie, and Harry walked out of the water to our towels, but mine wasn't there. "Where's my towel?" I asked the boys, who were grinning suspiciously. Then Harry and Louis busted out laughing. "what did you do?" I asked. "Harry put it in the garbage." Louis laughed. "What?!" I screeched. "Harry..." I growled before I chased after him, already running away. I caught up to him and jumped on his back, making him fall to the ground. "well owww" he said looking at me. "give me your towel curly." I laughed. "fine" he said and pushed me off him. We stood up and walked back to the boys and Callie. He handed me his towel and I wrapped myself up. "c'mon guys!" Niall whined, pulling Liam towards a food shack. When we got there the girl behind the counter freaked. "Oh My god. You're one direction! And you're Kelsey! And Callie! Oh my god." she breathed. "hmm. Oh yeah. I want the nachos. Chicken nuggets. Pepperoni pizza and a beer. Thanks." me and Niall said at the same time. "haha SCORE!" he said and high fived me. I laughed and turned to Harry. He was laughing. "what are you laughing 'bout curly?" I smiled. "you." he smirked. "what about me?" I laughed. "you. Just you." he smiled and slid an arm around my waist. "here you go" the girl said handing me and Niall our food. We sat at a picnic table while the others ordered. "you know," he said with a mouth full of food, "Harry really likes you. He wouldn't shut up for like 5 hours about you." he said swallowing. All I could do was blush and smile. "boo!" Harry said sliding onto the seat next to me, along with the other sitting down. "I'm still hungry." Niall said and pouted. Liam handed him money and he happily skipped to the food shack. We ate and talked about random stuff. I checked the time "10:07pm" ruh roh. " uh guys we should head back. Simon's gonna get mad." I said and stood up. "oh come on Kelsey." Louis said. "she's not a rule breaker. Shes a Goodie goodie. But I love herrrrrr." Callie smiled an made a hand heart. "I just don't want to get in trouble. And uh. Niall's drunk so yeah. And-" I said, cut off by Harry. "C'mon. Live wild for once" he smirked and pulled me onto his lap. "are you drunk?" I smiled and he shrugged.
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