Summer with a bang

Jazmyn Gomez always wanted to live the dream of spending time with her all time favourite band One Direction but being from Spain she never gets the chance to. They never go to Spain so how is that going to happen. But thats when her local radio station hosts a competition. 'Spend the day with One Direction' on to see if she wins the competition,does she get to spend time with them and will things go right.


1. The Competition

*Jazmyns POV*


The last day of the school year was drawing to a close and everyone was already in the summer buzz.. Everyone except me. Everyone i knew was either going on holiday or well going on holiday....i on the other hand wasnt my mom and dad hated going on holiday especially considering what happened last time we went on holiday but i dont want to talk about that because it's too painful to talk about. My best friend Laura was going on holiday to Ireland to visit her grandmother,Laura is originally Irish so she goes back to Ireland ever summer so she has an advantage,my other best friend George was going to America for a few weeks to go to Orlando Resort in Florida. I guess George doesnt really go on holiday and since his award for bravery at school he kinda deserves to have a bit of fun with his family. Most people i knew were going to the UK. I begged my parents to go on holiday but they were having none of it so i guess i am stuck at home for the whole of the summer with nothing to do except sit around in the house watching television. I sat in the roasting classroom staring out of the window and started going into a daydream....'what would life be like if i met One Direction'



'Jazmyn will you get up of your butt and help me wash the car' my dad groaned at me from outside. 'urgh' i moaned,'do i really have to' 'yes you do young lady you cant be sat indoors doing nothing all summer' my mom walked past me with 2 glasses of lemonade and ice. 'well can i at least listen to the radio whilst we are working' i asked. My dad looked at my mom who then looked at my dad. 'i guess so' he finally agreed. I smiled as i got up and then ran indoors to grab the radio.


*Half an hour later*


'And that was The Wanted with Chasing The Sun' the radio presenter said after the song had finished,'now for all you One Direction fans out there we have a surprise for you all,so stay tuned after this next song' I glanced up at the radio as if the presenter was actually there speaking to me. Suddenly loads of thoughts came rushing to my head 'could one direction be coming to Spain,could they be doing a tour here...or maybe even a meet and greet where i can actually meet them in person. This was gonna be amazing' I shaked my head trying to get the thoughts out of my head,i needed to stay calm maybe i was just hearing things. 'This is for you 1D fans out there,us here at 39.0 pop fm we have a massive competition that anyone can get involved in,you can be 10 years old or even 50 years old you can enter this competition to win a day with One Direction. Yes you heard it here first folks we have teamed up with Modest Management to grant every fans win a day with 1D. Check out our website for more information on how to enter' This was my chance,i needed to win this competition and that could be me in a few days time hanging out with One Direction. But the only thing stopping me.......was my parents,how could i get them to let me to enter for this competition. Im sure there was a way.


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