Summer with a bang

Jazmyn Gomez always wanted to live the dream of spending time with her all time favourite band One Direction but being from Spain she never gets the chance to. They never go to Spain so how is that going to happen. But thats when her local radio station hosts a competition. 'Spend the day with One Direction' on to see if she wins the competition,does she get to spend time with them and will things go right.


2. The Competition Steps

Step 1: Convincing The Parents

Convincing my parents was the hard part,since the thing that happened a year ago whilst we were on holiday they have never let me be independent so im constantly having to confide them about what i want to do. Im surprised they even let me go to the bathroom on my own. But i dont blame them for being protective because of what happened it was none of our faults it just sort of happened. Anyway convincing them was gonna be hard but i had a plan. 'mom,you know you love me so very much' i said with puppy eyes. 'what do you want Jazzy' she answered. 'please please please can i enter that competition to win a chance to meet One Direction' i begged,i even got down on my knees im that desperate. Okay so i didnt have a plan this was all i had. 'depends' she replied. 'depends on what mom there is nothing to depend on its a competition to win a day with my all time fave boyband' i smiled at her. 'depends on where,when and can we come with you' dad joined in. 'my dear dear parents its in this city,on Tuesday and im pretty sure you guys can come' i replied. 'we will think about it and tell you at dinner time' mom smiled at me. 'yay thanks mom,thanks dad you guys are the best' i gave them a both a hug before running upstairs. Well that was easier than i thought now i just had to wait to hear their answer at dinner time.


'Jazmyn dinners ready' mom called up the stairs at 6:00pm. 'coming' i shouted back as i closed the lid on my laptop. I sat down at the table and began eating my dinner. 'sooooo' i asked,'your killing me with all this waiting' 'ok ok,me and your mother were thinking,maybe we should let you enter this competition after all we didnt go on holiday this year' dad smiled before putting a mouthful of food in his mouth. 'oh my god really' mom nodded. 'yay thank you,thank you like a million times' i shouted excitedly after getting up from the table. 'where are you going' dad asked. 'ive got to go enter before the competition ends at 9pm tonight'


Step 2: Entering The Competition


'ok lets do this' i said to myself as i clicked the enter button on the competition.

Name: Jazmyn Gomez

Age: 16

DOB: 3rd April 1996

Why Should We Pick You To Spend The Day With One Direction: because i have loved them for like ever. Ive never met them and its very rare that i actually get the chance to meet One Direction because my parents are very protective and i can never be that independent but because they know how much i love One Direction they have actually let me enter this competition. I have their tour dvd,both books,all their cd's and tons and tons of posters i even have cardboard cutouts of them.

What would you do if you got the chance to meet 1D: i would just generally hang out with them and act like i do when im around my friends

Anything else we should know about: not really but i think you should pick me because i am probably their most biggest fan in the whole of Spain

'and enter' i proudly said as i hit the send button to send the competition thing *Knock Knock* 'who is it' i said. 'its just me' mom said. 'oh hi mom' i replied. 'have you entered the competition' 'yep ive just filled in the form' 'ok thats great,so now its just a wait' 'yeah i guess so,what did you come up here for' i asked. 'to tell you that me and your dad are going away for the weekend so your cousin Karly is coming to babysit you' she replied. 'ok thanks mom close the door on the way out' 'love you sweetie' 'love you too'. Awesome what could be better entering a competition to spend a day with 1D or the fact that Karly was coming to look after me for the weekend. Karly is 21 and lets me get away with anything im not even joking last time she came was just after the incident that happened on holiday and she let me go to this party at one of the girls at my schools house,my parents wouldnt of let me even if they wanted to. Karly was so awesome she is the greatest cousin ever and she is sooooo cool and really pretty as well. I couldnt wait for her to get here and i couldnt wait to find out if i had won the competition or not.


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