Angels Fury

"It's been two years since that horrible night in paris. And in those two years, I've come to grips with what i am, and what i can do. I am no longer safe. If you are reading this...Feather Corp. Be warned. My name is Seth Redder, and I'm coming for you."

In the space of 48 hours Seth Redders life was flipped upside down, set on fire, then shot at. After a disastrous first attempt at trying to take down the mysterious yet powerful Feather Corp. the very company that turned Seth into a half human, half angel like being. But now Seth is back after two years of hiding....and there is nothing more dangerous than an angel with vengance in mind...and blood on his hands.

Book Two of the Collection of Feathers series..


1. Recap

There is no worse feeling than knowing you are responsible for something. That weight that feels like a block of cold steel in the bottom of your stomach. Over those past two years i had barely been able to cope with it. Waking up in the middle of the night, fits of rage, blind deppression. It was hell. My own personal hell, and I made it for myself. I cannot count how many mirrors I went through. I couldnt stand to see myself. I was chased as well. A lot. Everywhere, across the globe, through streets, into the depths of cities. I didnt know where to turn. Until the headaches started again.

The first one came two months after Scarlet....I was in the bell tower of a cathedral in paris. Hiding, grieving, when it smacked me in the side of the head with the force of about eighty tonnes. I lay still for about three hours with the pounding in my skull. But with the pain came images. Hank Morris was one of them, the man who shot Scarlet in cold blood and even colder rain. I couldnt express the spite i felt for him. Then a building, looking very familiar to the Feather Corp. building (Feather Corp. the guys who stuck wings on my back and kidnapped my Dad and Luce, the little girl my Dad found on a special ops mission, its very complicated, read the earliest book and catch up on some things if you forgot). From that day i knew i had to find their base. Their HQ. When i did I'd have to burn it to the ground.

I'd discovered new powers. Other than the wings and hearing, I can see every detail around me, things you'd need a microscope to see. Plus, I learned i could fully retract my wings. they sort of cling back into my body, but it stings like a bitch when i snap them back out. My favourite power, is my ability to be silent when i want to be. I can fly in absolute shadow. No one notices.

Well thats basically what had happened since that night.


Guess I'll start the actual story now.

Here goes.

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