Angels Fury

"It's been two years since that horrible night in paris. And in those two years, I've come to grips with what i am, and what i can do. I am no longer safe. If you are reading this...Feather Corp. Be warned. My name is Seth Redder, and I'm coming for you."

In the space of 48 hours Seth Redders life was flipped upside down, set on fire, then shot at. After a disastrous first attempt at trying to take down the mysterious yet powerful Feather Corp. the very company that turned Seth into a half human, half angel like being. But now Seth is back after two years of hiding....and there is nothing more dangerous than an angel with vengance in mind...and blood on his hands.

Book Two of the Collection of Feathers series..


3. Falling, With No Style What-So-Ever

I could run for hours without getting tired. It's just annoying when you're constantly being chased. But i kept hammering the muddy dirt tracks with my feet. Weeving in and out of people waking up the streets. Street performers we're setting up, stalls we're being erected on the side of the road. I dared a glance behind me. They we're closing in. I looked forward again. I saw a low building, easy to climb. I did just that. Gliding up the wall and sprinting along the roofs that followed, jumping hte gaps between. I picked up a few tricks from a group of freerunners I've ran into before. They were good people, I owed them for this. The DG's were having trouble keep up now. I growled in triumph, and kept sprinting, feeling the rush of the wind in my very soul. There was a jump coming up. I braced my legs for the drop and pelted myself off the ledge, landing on another metal roof, which, unluckily, fell to pieces as i landed. Inside waited three DG's, i landed on my back in the middle of them. They aimed a new looking kind of gun at me. "Time to die, failure," said one of them. The word failure tweeked something in my head, and anger filled my body. I flipped backward over him, slamming his head into the ground as i came down. He was taken care of before the other two aimed at me. I slapped the barrels of their gunsso the nozzles pointed at him, as i grabbed the handles, and pulled the triggers, sending thirty automatic rounds into their chests. They dropped like pennies from the empire state building. I threw the rifles downm, and looked around, I was in a garage. nothing useful, just old car parts and bodies, apart from...


I sensed the guards outside the garage. Getting ready to go commando and blow the doors open. I'd save them the trouble. I revved the motor of my new toy, grinning as i shifted it into gear, putting on my helmet, then punching the pedal. I crashed out of the wooden double doors, catching two of the guards in the face as i landed back on the dirt at fourty mph. I grinned inside my helmet, no way they would catch me now. At least until they crashed through the tree line to my left with a HUMV. I swore violently, going at top speed. Away from the slums and into the vast forest on the borders of Brazil. The road was becoming trecherous. Trees stuck out in the road, making me duck and dodge on the wet and muddy road. I heard them shout behind me. Someone was about to start firing.

The first shot hit my shoulder, I yelled in fury and pain. My wings threatened to burst out of my back. 'No!' I screamed in my head,'Need to keep a low profile,' I glanced back at the truck, closing in on me, like a hunter catching its prey, I swore again, just as the logical part of my brain chirped in,'Your covers already blown,'

"Shut up," I said to myself. I raced on through the trees and vines. I saw an opening, and formed a plan. But I'd need split second timing. I kneeled on the bike, steadying myself, my wings ached to breathe again, and as the bike passed through the opening, I let them. I jumped high, my wings propelling me higher. I loved this, my heart was pounding in my chest, I was laughing with the adrenaline thudding through my veins. I looked down, the truck had stopped, and someone was mounting the turret on the top. Not good. Before I knew it, bullets where flying past me, by inches, but I kept flying forward. I ducked down, swooping as a barrage of bullets zipped past me. One of them clipping my wing. With a bloody burst it went straight through the tip of it, I yelled as I started to lose altitude. Within minutes I was crashing through the tree line, and cracked my head against a tree branch, sending me into black unconciousness.

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