Angels Fury

"It's been two years since that horrible night in paris. And in those two years, I've come to grips with what i am, and what i can do. I am no longer safe. If you are reading this...Feather Corp. Be warned. My name is Seth Redder, and I'm coming for you."

In the space of 48 hours Seth Redders life was flipped upside down, set on fire, then shot at. After a disastrous first attempt at trying to take down the mysterious yet powerful Feather Corp. the very company that turned Seth into a half human, half angel like being. But now Seth is back after two years of hiding....and there is nothing more dangerous than an angel with vengance in mind...and blood on his hands.

Book Two of the Collection of Feathers series..


2. Don't Think...Run

Gun shots were all around me. Zipping past my head by mere milimetres. I ran. Fast as my legs could carry my broken body, i was hurting, i could feel my broken ribs scraping against eachother. But i kept going. I needed to get to her. I could hear her voice. Scarlet. She was here. Calling for me, asking "Why did you let me die? Why am i dead? you failed me Seth!" Suddenly she's there, her stomach covered in blood. "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE ME?!" She screams as she dives toward me...


I bolted out of bed, grabbed my gun from the bedside table and pointed it straight ahead. My Breathing was ragged, coming in deep slow breaths. Another nightmare. I lowered my fire-arm, wiping my eyes. I hated those dreams. I felt helpless. Weak. I had been asking myself a lot, 'Was it my fault?' and everytime i argued with myself for an hour saying, 'she said not to blame yourself,' but then countering with 'of course she did! She wasnt going to admit it was your fault, as she was bleeding out!'. Throwing my gun onto the bed I walked to the sink in my one room house and ran cold water over my face, the cold doing wonders to bring the corners of my mind back to conciousness. I looked up, into the mirror. I didnt look the same as i did two years ago. I'd picked up a few scars. One across my lip, making my mouth look like it was in a constant sneer. One above my eye, and two on my neck. All from fights that easily could've been avoided. But I didnt care. The anguish and the hurt and the rage could only be released through violence. It was like reverse meditation. Meditations all about detatching yourself from the world, my version is all about throwing yourself into it, fists flying. As i dried my face my laptop beeped. I had new mail.

Not good.

Whenever i got mail, it was always from an anonymous user, but giving me exact details on how long it would take for the DG's to get me (Disposable Guards, big tail guys in nicely tailored suits, kind of like the Mr. Smiths of Feather Corp. if you're a Matrix fan). I flipped it open, tapped in my password, then brought up my email. It read as follows;


Be warned, you have less than seven hours before they locate you. RUN. dont try to fight, they have new tech, and prototype weapons, I REPEAT, DONT FIGHT. just use your runnning skills, and get out of Brazil as soon as possible!

From, HTM'


'Crap' I thought. I raced to my bedside table, grabbing all my belongings, including my gun, and shoved it into my rucksack i left by the door, then i closed my laptop and zipped it into its case, and slid that into the pack as well. I pulled on my black hoodie, zipping it up then pulling up the hood, and the sleeves, before picking up my bag and putting it on, oulling the straps tight to my back. I opened my door and stepped out into the humid, close, morning air. i walked down the wooden steps and onto the road, just as a black HUMV parked itself infront of me.

'Shit' I thought, then set off at a run down the hill, into the depths of the dank, flat roofed slums. 'If Feather Corp. want me so badly, they'll have to catch me' I thought as i heard shouts behind me, and the thudding of footsteps following mine. They were in for one hell of a chase.

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