Angels Fury

"It's been two years since that horrible night in paris. And in those two years, I've come to grips with what i am, and what i can do. I am no longer safe. If you are reading this...Feather Corp. Be warned. My name is Seth Redder, and I'm coming for you."

In the space of 48 hours Seth Redders life was flipped upside down, set on fire, then shot at. After a disastrous first attempt at trying to take down the mysterious yet powerful Feather Corp. the very company that turned Seth into a half human, half angel like being. But now Seth is back after two years of hiding....and there is nothing more dangerous than an angel with vengance in mind...and blood on his hands.

Book Two of the Collection of Feathers series..


4. Blue Eyes

My wing throbbed in pain. I tried to raise my arm, I failed miserably. I opened my eyes, expecting to see trees, the sound of excotic birds in sed trees. But no. I opened my eyes to a girl. I thought it was Scarlet, for a split second, that i was dead and i was with her. I was wrong, the girl looking at me had shiny blue eyes, and brown hair. I frowned,

"Who..Am..Where..What..?" I murmmered, she smiled,

"You're awake, good, I thought the damage would have been to much, but, I'm guessing you're not human.. Are you?" She had a very soft voice, like silk. My eyes were drooping, like they had weights attatched to them. "Sleep, it's okay, I'm never far away," she put her hand on my arm. Her skin was warm, I allowed myself to enjoy the comfort. I tried to say thank you, but i was unconscious within seconds.


I woke up two days later, eyes wide open, alert. I didn't know where I was, I was in, what looked like, a log cabin. 'Holiday home,' I thought. I got up, and noticed i was only in my pants, I flushed with embarressment, then shook my head, 'who cares? It's not like she changed my underwear,' My eyes widened, i checked my boxers, and sighed with relief. I heard clanging from the room parrallel to mine. I clenched my fists, sneaking up to the corner of the door, peering inside, I saw the girl who had been at my bedside earlier. I didn't know her, she could be an enemy. I slinked into the kitchen, silently. I expected her to be readying a gun, but as i peered over her shoulder, she was holding a deadly...pan of bacon. She turned and bumped into me, jumping a little,"Ohmygod!" I stood back as she put a hand on her chest,"Jesus you can be quiet when you want to be," she breathed,

"Sorry I scared you," I leaned against the bench infront of the cooker,"Thank you for um, helping me, you didn't have-" she shook her head.

"It's okay, I had a feeling that you were in serious need of help,"  she looked over my shoulders to my wings,, they were bandaged, but they looked broken. Mishapen. I heard music, it soundewd, weird, the last time i had heard music was the awful lobby tune at Feather Corp.

I liked it, it was someone rapping, but as the chorus kicked in it switched to a girls voice. I used to like this kind of music. I walked to the source of the tune, it was coming from a pair of very slick speakers, and iPod was in the dock. "So what do you do for a living?" I asked, turning to face her,

"Um, well I'm a training doctor, this week's my holiday, you landed in the back of my truck," I nodded,

"I just realised, i don't know your name," I smiled,

"Oh," she said in suprise,"It's Angela, yours?"

"Seth, nice to meet you," I smiled as i stared at her, she looked back. With those caring, blue, eyes.

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