Forbidden love.

Charlie, and her twin brother, Josh were only 10 when their parents died in a car crash. 2 years later they were adopted by Anne and her son, Harry. When they go to college, Charlie falls in love with Harry's friend Niall but Harry forbids their love. But they secretly date behinds Harry back. Until he finds out....


2. The wish.

The night before our 13th birthday I wished that we would get adopted. The next day, the owner of the orphanage, Suzy Brookes', called us to her office. At first I was nervous. I didnt know what to expect. " I have good news! A lady named Anne and her two kids, Harry, and, Gemma Styles would like to adopt you!!" Suzy said. " Really!!!? When can we meet them?" I asked. "Right Now; if you want!" she said.

A lady wth green eyes and brown hair walked in with a boy around our age with short, brown hair and green eyes and a girl maybe 2 or 3 years older than us. Also, with green eyes and medium length curly, brown hair. " People will definitely tell we're adopted! They have curly brown hair and green eyes. And, we have straight blonde hair and soft baby blue eyes!" I thought to myself. " Hi, I'm Anne, it's nice to meet you!" the lady said to us. " It's nice to meet you, too!" Josh said, smiling. The two kids were really friendly like their mom.

The drive was short, but, the only thing I could think about is what would happen if they didn't like me? When we got to our new home in Chesire. I shared a room with Gemma and Josh shared a room with Harry.

From the moment I walked through the door I knew I belonged here.

*sorry4 writing short chapters!!*
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