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4. MattG124

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MattG124 (formally known as Matt/Mathew Gibson) is a Canadian Youtuber who currently has (April 2012) over 220,000 subscribers and over 34 million video views.

Matt uploaded his first videos when he was 18 years old and so far during his time on youtube has uploaded over 300 main channel videos. Matt first starting making videos before he starting making content on youtube when his grandmother lent him a video camera (this was in 8th Grade) and starting making Claymation videos. He also made Jackass style videos that are on youtube now but he says 'good luck finding them'. He continued to do this for roughly 2 years, but soon got bored.

This then gave birth to 'The Poo Poo show' when he discovered Youtube thanks to a guy named cory 'Mr safety'. Throughout the next year Matt made 10 mini shows however then soon fell appart. Then came six months of not knowing how to make videos, but then he discovered a whole community of vloggers and thats where the Mattg124 as we know him came from.

MattG currently runs three channels His main channel 'MattG124', 'Mattgformayor' and 'Mattgforgamer' (his latest). Matt also has a ginger/white tabby cat called jojo who's twitter is Jojoformayor. in 2012 Matt won a King of the web competition in which he won prizes that he said would help with his videos. As prizes, he chose a GoPro a HDPVR and a shot gun Mic for his Canon 60d. Matt Edits his videos using Final Cut on his 27" iMac but also sometimes edits on his laptop, a MacBook Pro.

MattG now often makes Dare MattG videos he usually will do these on a friday and upload short Skits on a tuesday. In Dare Mattg Matt will take screen shots of Dares that viewers suggest. (These can be from Facebook, twitter or Youtube comments). In Dare Mattg 19 he collaborated with Corey Vidal ( and Corrado Coia in which they did dares at both their Properties. However this got Flagged but then unflagged shortly afterwards.


(A/N: He now works with HaiLedaBunny/LedaMonsterBunny* (*see chapter two) so please check him & her out)


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