My Top Youtubers That YOU must watch!!!

Just Youtubers that are msut see's like...:

and so many more.....


7. Eddsworld

Edd Gould was a colleague of TomSka* and the creator of Eddsworld. Ridgewell animated several of his Flashes, including asdfmovie2 and asdfmovie3, as well as 2 Canadians on a plane. The "I like trains" character was based on him.

Eddsworld is an independent British comedic flash animation production company that was created by Edward Gould (commonly abbreviated as Edd Gould) in 2004. Eddsworld was also part of CakeBomb (a dissolved media production collective).

Eddsworld currently consists of over thirty-five episodes (called eddisodes), over 150 comics, flash games, and various art work distributed on the home website, YouTube, Albino Blacksheep, Newgrounds, DeviantART, and the BBC. The episodes are the focal point of the organization, which star Edd, Tom*, Matt, and previously Tord**, and run anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Animations were created solely by Edward Gould and co-written by himself and colleagues Thomas Ridgewell*, Matthew Hargreaves, Tom Bown, and Tord Larsson**. It is currently under direction of Thomas Ridgewell. Eddsworld is created using Adobe Flash, a computer animation program.


Edd passed away on the 25th of March 2012, before releasing part two of SpaceFace (his new video). He had been battling Cancer for 6 years, but that never made him stop animating for his viewers. Edd's friends Tom* & Matt made a video of his life, up to the most recent vlog. If you have the time (and an account) please go to Youtube & like, fave & subscribe to Eddsworld, so people can still watch his videos, even though he won't be around to make them anymore. R.I.P Edd, we hope you still watch us from above, and I'm sorry you never got to continue with your ideas. We love you Edd. ;_;




*Tom/Thomas Ridgewell: See chapter 6

**Tord/Tord Larsson: A fellow Eddsworld character, before leaving. He made a YT video saying RIP, but he got shitty comments and stuff that it was tooken down. Please watch, which is the new related media. [WARNING! You may cry]

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