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8. (A little thing about Tord)

The character Tord officially left the series in the beginning of the episode "25 Feet Under The Seat" in 2008, but nothing was said by him. This caused many rumours to originate from fans about his disappearance and is still a point of discussion for many. Impersonators posing as Tord Larsson or as a friend of Tord also arose from this on social networking sites (such as Facebook) and blogs in attempts to troll or mislead fans. Most speculations over the reason for Tord’s departure include that he and Tom became too angered with each other, as they would often fight (as revealed in an earlier episode), leading to Tord quitting the group, and running over Tom in "25 Feet Under the Seat". In reality, Tord Larsson left Eddsworld to pursue his own artistic career and to distance himself from the franchise, requesting that his likeness also be removed from future episodes. Gould has voiced his displeasure in not explaining Tord’s departure in more detail, but he had no plans to bring the subject up in future work. Ridgewell also said to his fans that Gould chose the wrong way to excuse Tord Larsson from the show and to leave him alone.

In response to Edd Gould's death, Tord posted a video on YouTube entitled "Tord explains why he left Eddsworld (RIP Edd Gould)" on 30 March 2012 giving his reasons for leaving the series, discussed his relationships with the Matt, Tom, and Edd, and touched on the many frauds claiming to be him on various Internet accounts. In this video he also explained that the stress of school and his poor relationship with Tom had only a minor to no affect on him leaving the series, pointing out that taking his name from the series and building his own persona, independently of Eddsworld, was his main focus. At the end of the video he gave his respects to Edd and his family, saying "To Edd" and then drinking from a bottle of Coca-Cola. He has since closed his YouTube account, making all videos uploaded from that account unavailable.

On 13 June 2012, Ridgewell vlogged from his YouTube account DarkSquidge about Eddsworld, explaining that Tord "Was shown driving away at the beginning of an eddisode... opening a Pandora's Box of crazy fans that never left him alone to the extent that he can't even use his real name." as well as referencing Tord's own video mentioned above.It is currently being discussed that Tord will be on the show for an episode or two, but not reappearing as his counterpart of animated Tord Larsson. Tom said that Tord would never be joining the show again, but his character may come back with a different voice actor.

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