Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


8. Chapter 8


Chapter 8


Harry's POV 

I got to the hotel and parked my car. I got in the elevator and went up the hotel building. I had my keys in my pocket anyways. I got it out and opened it, I saw Liam on the sofa, with his laptop. I checked my iPhone and i was 11 PM. 

"Where is everyone?" I asked, looking around and closing the door behind me. 

"Sleeping. I think you should go to bed too." Liam said, looking up at me from his screen.

I simply nodded and went inside my room, I closed the door and took my white shirt off. I was a little tired, i yawned slowly, taking my fingers through my hair. I took off my trousers and threw it across the room. I was in my black and gray boxers.  I felt like a pornstar. Ha, a sexy one. That's when it hit me, the song. "I'm sexy and i know it". I laughed at my own thought and took my iPhone out, went through my playlist and found that song. I put it on and turned around to make sure that the door was locked. 

The song started playing and i started dancing. After few minutes, i was thinking. "What the fuck am i doing? I should be sleeping!".. 

I turned the music off and layed on my bed. All i could think about was Kate. Her beautiful face and amazing voice. I went in the sheets and closed my eyes. i couldn't sleep. I got up and sat up, leaning back on my pillow. I took my laptop, which was on the small table beside my bed. I opened it and turned it on. I went on my twitter. 

Such an amazing day ! All because of her :) x 

I tweeted it and waited to see the tweets from my fans.

"Who?? who  are you talking about? PLz reply Harry <3!!"

"-.- I wish that was me."

"Who are you talking about? :) well, she's lucky!" 


I smiled at the screen and replied to one. 

"Watch the interview tomorrow :) xx" 

I closed the twitter and turned off my laptop. I put it away and layed back on my bed, closing my eyes.



Kate's POV

After a big lecture from my mother, i went upstairs in my room. I wasn't mad at her. Pretty sure she isn't either. I changed my outfit into a night gown and got in my bed. I took my iPhone and checked if i had any texts from Harry or my friends. I had nothing from Hazz, i got three from my friends. I was too tired to check them, so i just layed down and turned the phone off.




I was sleeping happily, until i felt someone's arms going around my body. I opened my eyes in shock and rubbed them to see who it was. It was Harry. What was he doing here? I moaned and groaned slowly.

"Whats happening?" i asked, burrying my head in his chest.

"It's 9. You should get ready. Wear something nice. For me, okay love?" he said, looking down at me, the curls were covering his forehead. 

He put me down slowly, my legs landed on the floor. He gotta stop picking me up, or i have to get used to these surprises. Not that i don't like them , i am just afraid that it'll make things awkward between me and him. I don't know, i am just weird. aah! 

I got down and looked up at him, he was wearing long sleeve light blue shirt and black jeans. He looked good. May i just say, that um.. He looked so hot and sexy? Sorry. But i can't help it. I smiled at him and said softly.

"Okay, give me 1 hour." i turned around to get in the bathroom, but i felt strong arms aroun my waist. He leaned over and placed his chin on my shoulder. 

"Too long. I can't wait to see you. Take 20 minutes? We're running late."  His voice was a little worried.

"Alright, ill try." i just smiled and took off the wrapped arms off from my waist slowly. I walked in the bathroom, taking my pink towel. 

I took a shower and dried my hair. I left the bottom of my hair wet. I wanted them to be little wavy and i liked it that way. I was running late anyways. I wrapped myself with my towel in the bathroom and opened the door. I saw Harry sitting on the bed, reading one of my magazines. 

"You collect these?" His British accent was amazing. 

I just nodded with a grin and walked by him. It was a magazine about One Direction and other celebs. 


"i needa change. Get ouf Styles" i said, looking at him. There was a big grin plastered on his face with a cheeky smile of his, showing off those cute dimples. 

"I'm serious! I need to change, or it'll be late!" i said, holding his wrist and pulling him up from my bed. 

"Psht! Dont worry. I am just reading this magazine. You know, they've got false information about me here! but the picture of me looks sexy. What am i saying? I'm always sexy" he said looking at the magazine, holding it up by his face and almost burrying his face in it. I knew that he was trying to stay in my room while me changing, just using the magazine as an excuse.

"Harry! Get out! Take the magazine with you if you want. I don't mind!" i said, looking down at him, with a worried face.

"Ah! why would i look at you? I am reading this amazing magazine Kate!" he said, his eyes not leaving the magazine, which was held up to his face.

"you know, no one reads a magazine upside down." i said, laughing and holding my towel tight. 

He was embarrassed. I noticed, his cheeks were turning red. Like a strawberry. He was adorable. 

"I just wanted to check myself upside down.. you know.. " before he could finish talking, i pushed him out my room, closing it and locking it. 

Oh god, What am i going to do with this boy? I just giggled for myself and toom my towel off. I decided to wear a cute black dress, with floral patterns on it. Since he said it was something important, i decided to wear some make-up. I didn't want to wear too much though. Just some mascara and eyeliner. Little bit of lipgloss. I opened the room door and saw him sitting on the stairs, scrolling something on his iPhone. 

As i opened it, his face turned around to my direction. 

"You look.." his words got stuck. I was afraid that i looked scary. I waited for him to finish his sentence. Oh god. I was nervous too.

"hm?" i asked, raising my eyebrows. 

"You look beautiful.. As always" he smiled, his green gorgeous eyes pierced on me. 

"Thanks." i smiled back, looking down at him. I felt my cheeks burn. He gives me butterflies. All the time. 

He got up from the stairs and came close to me, he held his arm out. I slipped mine in his arm and smiled, we both went down the stairs. I saw my mom watching tv, sitting on the sofa.

"Oh my god! Look at you! Beautiful!" she smiled and told me, getting up from the sofa, covering her mouth. I went upto her and hugged her tightly. 

"Thanks mom" i smiled and she kissed my cheek. Harry was standing there, his hands in his pockets. He was smiling too. 

"Okay, i need to leave. We're running late. Love you! i'll call you later." i said, rushing and going upto the closet by the front door. i opened it and found my black heels. I wore it and noticed Harry staring at me. I opened the door and he came out with me, taking his car key out. 

"What?" i asked, grinning and looking at him.

"Sorry. I can't stop looking at staring at this beautiful girl" he said, showing off his dimples again. Oh my, is he trying to kill me? 

"Oh stop it you" i joked, slapping his arm softly. He pouted and opened the door for me. I got inside giggling. 

He started the car and we got to the hotel. He called the boys.

"Coming? Should i leave? I got Kate with me here." He said, to one of the lads on the phone. We were still sitting in the car, which was parked by the hotel.

He dropped the call and looked at me, smiling. "Ready to go?" 

"Where are we going? You never told me!" i complained, laying my back down on the seat, holding my seatbelt.

"Well um. Interview" he said, waiting for my reaction.


"Interview. Just thirty minutes. Don't worry, i willl try my best to entertain my girl" 

"Why am i coming there?"

"I was thinking about making our relationship public" he said, smiling at me, looking into my eyes, driving.

"Ah. Watch out the road Styles." i joked. 

"Your face is a distraction Kate" he grinned. "A beautiful distraction" 

i blushed and looked away , smiling as a response. I looked out the window. Noticed Louis driving the other van. 



 Author's note : How do you guys like this chapter? :) I tried my best to finish it asap.

So what do you guys think going to happen in the interview? Is Zayn gonna tell that he likes someone and met someone? How are the fans going to react after realizing that Harry got a girl? Wait till tomorrow and see! Thanks for reading!<3

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