Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


6. Chapter 6


Chapter 6



Text convos.

"Good morning! :)"  

"Good morning Harry" 

"How is my kate today? <3" 

"um, great. How about your self? & "my kate?" ;) "

"Not alright :(  Come over and ill tell you. & Yes, you are mine ;)" 

 "Will be there in 10!" 




Kate's POV. 

I got out of my bed after finish texting Harry. I went into the bathroom and took shower. I dried my long brown hair and pinned it up to a messy bun. I decided to wear light pink floral top and short shorts. I slipped my iPhone in my pocket and got downstairs. I saw my mom in the kitchen making breakfast. I went upto her and hugged her tightly, she smiled and kissed my cheek. Mom and daughter love, ha. 


"I am going out to my friends house.. I think i will come back soon. Love you" i was opening the front door to leave, my mom yelled out "YOU DIDNT HAVE YOUR BREAKFAST!"

I giggled and replied "I got food over there mom! See you later!" 

I decided to walk. It wasn't that far away anyways. My phone buzzed, and i picked up. 


"Hey, you alright?" Familiar voice asked.

"Who's this?" i replied.

"Harry, of course" he chucked through the phone

"ah, I am on my way. I'm fine. Why?" 

"Want me to pick you up?" 

"its alright, im almost there" 

"Fine, talk to me till you get here to me" 

"Fine. I hope you're not gonna be naked when i get there Haz" i said laughing loud

"oh hold on" he said

"you're in your boxers arent you?!" i asked laughing again, all the people on the pathway staring at me like i am a retard. 

"Not even.." I heard Niall's Irish accent 

"hey im here. ill get upstairs." i said, turning off and putting my iPhone back in my pocket. 



I got into the hotel and was stopped by a lady that was sitting in there. 

"ID?" she asked, looking up at me, crooking her eyebrows. 

"What?" i replied, confused.

"Where is your ID?" she asked , with the same expression like before.

"Um. I am here to visit Harry Styles. My friend." i replied.

"You are a random fan! You cant come here. get out." she said pushing me outside of the glass door, opening it. 

"No i am not! Ask him if you want." 

"Shit! Fans are annoying!" she yelled, locking the door. 



I was upset and most likely pissed. About to kill that blonde bitch. Yup.  I took my iPhone out and called Harry.

"Kate?" he picked up

"Mind coming down here? I was pushed outside the hotel" i said sighing. 

"The heck? I'm coming" he said and dropped the call. 

I was waiting outside for about 2 minutes, and saw Harry Styles, storming out of the elevator with an angry  face. His face was burning, like fire. I was stared inside. He went upto the lady that was sitting there and was talking to her. Wait cut that. Most likely yelling at her. She just nodded and said something. She was scared, ha. He came upto the door and opened it for me. 



His face became calm when he saw me. I was melting at his gorgeous face. Perfection. 

"Hey, im sorry.. " he said looking down at me. 

"its alright, dont worry about it" i replied, smiling lightly. Even though i was ticked off.

"Its not. She has no rights to treat you that way. Nobody does. Cause you are Mrs.Styles." he said, smiling back at me , showing off his adorable dimples.

I chucked and replied "Oh yeah right",  i punched his arm lightly. 



We both were laughing and got into the elevator. I noticed the lady's face. She was mad and i could see the jealousy in her face. She was looking too old for Harry anyways. We got upstairs and Harry opened the room door wide. I saw Louis rolling on the floor, with colorful socks.

 Niall was sitting on the rolling chair. Eating chips and laughing at Louis and noticed us. Zayn was sitting on the sofa, texting someone.  Niall tried to hold  in his laugh but he bursted it out. Chips came out of his mouth and dropped on Zayn's hair. 


"OH MY GOD" Zayn screamed out like a girl. Legit. I laughed loud and Harry did too.

I was holding my stomache because of too much laughing and it hurts when i do. Harry wrapped his one arm around my waist, which gave me chillls. I looked up at him and smiled brightly, he looked down and smirked. 


"HAHAHAHA" Lou started laughing as Zayn ran in his room holding his head. Niall was just staring and eating rest of his chips. 


"Well then.." Louis finally stopped laughing and looked at us, smirking softly. 

"What?" i asked looking down at the sassy boy, who was rolling on the floor with childish face.

"You too can smooch. We're all gonna go to the store next to the hotel.. " Louis said, laughing still. He got up from the floor and went into Liam's room. 

"What .." i said looking up at Harry, who was bright red like a tomato. 

"You're blushing!" Niall said, looking at Harry. 

"NO I AM NOT" Harry changed the subject , yelling out. "Hey wheres Lou" 

Harry went into Liam's room. They all came out while i was sitting on the sofa. Liam, Louis and Niall got out of the hotel room, smirking at me and Harry. 

"Wanna explain what's going on?" i looked up at Harry, who was just staring at the door as the lads were leaving.

"They want us to make babies" he said winking and laughing.

My eyes went wide and my mouth went to the perfect 'o' shape. He just laughed off and sat next to me. 

"Joking. They went outside for some fresh air. Why? you miss them?" He asked me, looking at me, still with a smirk.

"aah, was just wondering" i said, smiling back awkwardly. 

"I CAN'T BELIEVE NAILL DID THIS!! IM GOING OUTSIDE" Zayn came out , storming out of the hotel room with a messy hair. 

Harry and I laughed out loud and we ended up cuddling in the sofa.



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