Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


2. Chapter 2


"Lol are you coming then?" Sam texted to Kate.


" Fine, come pick me up." Kate replied and slipped her iPhone in her back pocket. 


Kate got downstairs and took her little bag, she wore it across her body and kissed her mother a good bye. She got out of the house and felt the cool breeze. She waited for few minutes, and Sam came with her white car. Kate got in and they both went to the mall. Kate got out of the cars after Sam parked her car. They both walked into the mall and noticed so many girls screaming. Sam ran upto the stairs part to check what was happening. It was One Direction. They were standing on the little stage that was on the middle of mall. Girls standing around them waving and screaming , taking pictures. Sam jumped up and down, and turned around to see Kate. Kate just rolled her eyes and went into Forever 21. She looked for some summer clothes, but she didn't like any that were in there. Sam was lost in the croud of girls. Kate took her phone out and texted Sam.


"Where the heck are you?!" - Kate.




Kate sighed and walked in to the heart of the croud to find Sam. Kate got squished and pushed by the other girls. She was upset and mad. Sam was getting an autograph from a boy with blonde hair. Kate realized it was Niall Horan. She went up the stage for Sam, and noticed the girls yelling "YOU CANT JUST GO IN THE MIDDLE!"


Sam got her autograph from Niall, she smiled and chuckled "thank you so much!", Niall nodded and smiled back lightly. Sam moved to the other boy, Liam Payne. He was sitting on the table as Sam walked upto him. He finished signing, Sam thanked him. He replied,  " No problem Love"


Kate was surprised how nice the boys were. Sam moved to the next boy, it was Louis. He was talking to the one with curly hair. Kate noticed Harry, next to Louis. He was massaging his fingers through his hair, making the soft curls bounce on his forehead. He turned and looked at Kate. His green eyes were staring at her, she stared back and gave him an awkward smile.


"Don't talk! don't blush! oh my god" she thought. 

There was something about him, that amazed her. His cheeky smile? His dimples? those eyes? that perfection?.


Harry walked close to Kate, she felt her cheeks burning. He was looking down at her, since she was a little shorter than him. "Hello, this is Harry.", he said with a smirk. 


She looked up at him a little and nodded smiling lightly, " hi, I know ."


He smiled and asked "May I know your name?" 






"Kate Wilson."


"Harry Styles" he smiled cheekily. 


" I know" she looked around at the fans and looked at Harry nervously. 


"Well, thanks again.." he said looking at Kate and signing Sam's note at the same time. Multitasker , Kate thought in her mind.


"Make sure it won't happen again, there are insects in my garage. You don't want them to bite you, do you ? Just saying " she said giggling a little.


He laughed, " No matter what's in there, its just great being somewhere close to you ". he finished the last part lightly and softly


" Huh?' Kate asked, even though she heard it. She was blushing hard, she knew it.


'Oh i was saying that it wont happen again. Ma'am" he said grinning.

She just shook her head with a little smirk and went down the stage with Sam.


"oh my god. were you just talking with HARRY STYLES FOR 5 FRICKING MINUTES?"


"Yeah.. its a long story." Kate said to Sam.




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