Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


15. Chapter 15 - end of her fairy-tale.


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Chapter 15. __


Kate's POV


I was wearing a cute floral dress, i got downstairs and felt everyone staring at me. 

"You look beautiful" Liam said, getting up from the sofa, smiling wideley at me. I blushed a little and thanked him. God, he's so cute. 

Nial leaned against Liam and whispered something to him, Liam just ignored it and smirked. I ignored and went in the kitchen, seeing my mother making pancakes. I smiled and hugged her tightly. She knows that something was going on. I was planning to tell her later on about what happened between me and Harry. 

I went back in the living room and saw four boys sitting on the sofa, watching tv. 

"We were planning to take you to our hotel, maybe a movie?" Zayn asked, giving his signature smile. 

"I don't think so.." I trailled off. I felt so rude refusing their request to hang out with me. But what was happening between me and Harry, was just terrible. I can't face him there, it would be awkward and I know that i would absolutely get upset over this. 

"Common! It'll be fun. You're coming Kate!" Louis said, hopping up from the sofa and pulling my arm outside the house. I sighed and waved a good bye to my mother, who was standing there by the kitchen watching me with her eyebrows raised.

We all got in the car and Liam started driving. I sat in the back with Zayn and Niall. Niall poked my cheek and chucked for himself. What the. 

"What?" I asked, turning around and facing him. 

"You look nice today." He complimented. 


"Don't hit on her dude!" Zayn said, facing Niall with a grin. Niall blushed and rested his head on the glass window, facing outside. Awe!

I smiled and ignored. Liam parked the car and we all got outside. We all went in the hotel.

As we got upstairs to the hotel room, Liam opened the door. Harry was sitting on the sofa, his head in his hands. He looked upset. I felt bad really. But what he did was just wrong. I didn't wanna think about him and get frustrated. I sighed and stood there while everyone sat next to Harry and tried to talk to him.

He raised his head up and his curls flipped down to his forehead, his green eyes were reddish. He has been crying, i figured it out. I felt so teared up inside, seeing him like this. He got up from the sofa and went in his room, closing his door. I looked at the boys as they started at Harry's room.

"You should go and talk to him.. you know.." Liam adviced, i just simply nodded and walked upto Harry's room. I knocked the door and he didn't answer. I knocked again.

"Harry.." I said, leaning against the door. 

"Leave me alone" He said.

"Let me in!" 


"Screw you" 

I joked and touched the door knob. The door opened before i could, i tripped. Thank god, he caught me. I was in his arms, he looked down at me. Oh how i missed being in these arms. I looked up at him and his eyes were sticked to my face. I sighed and tried to step back. He pulled me closer to him and closed the door behind him.

"What you doin.." I asked, stepping back slowly as he walked close to me.

"I want you back.. Kate.."  He said, looking at me sadly.

I sat down on the edge of his bed and looked at the floor, not knowing what to reply.

"I know, I've made a mistake. It won't happen again. I was drunk really.. I love you way too much to let go of you.." He said, sitting down next to me on his bed.

I faced him, turning around.

"I don't-" before i could say anything else, he came more closer. He held my chin with one finger and brushed his lips with mine. I felt my eyes closing, while his was too. I kissed him back. Oh how much i missed these lips! I sighed as we broke off. 

"I need you.." He said, looking into my eyes. 

I didn't say anything. I just hugged him tightly and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. I felt so right in there. I would stay in there forever if he would let me. 



"Can we fall? One more time?"  He sang and said. I giggled and looked up to face him. He grinned down at me. 

"Yes. We can" I said, kissing his cheek softly. He blushed and turned into a strawberry. Awh! 

I smiled at his face and he stared at the bed, smiling in happiness. 

"I love you" He said, hugging me tighter. 

"I love you too" I said, smiling at him. 




Liam's POV


We all sent Kate in Harry's room. I felt like i was missing out something. She has great personality, one of the most precious girls i've met. I felt so stupid inside for not telling her how i am feeling right now. 

I know Niall is kinda flirting with her and stuff. I know that Harry loves her. I feel like i am falling for her. I need to stop this. Really. I need to. 

I sat down on the couch, looking over at Zayn, who was on his iPhone, texting Ariel. He smiled at the screen many times.  I was curious what they were talking about. Anyways. 

Louis looked at me, and he read my face. 

"What?" I asked, looking towards him.

"You like her mate, don't you?" He asked and i felt everyone's eyes in my direction. Oh my god.

"Whatt?" I yelled. 

"Nevermind" He said, grinning and turning his eyes to tv.

Things got awkward.


I heard Harry's room door opening, I turned my face around to check what was happening, i saw Kate and Harry walking out. Harry's arm around her waist. Well then. 

I felt jealousy inside me. But i have no right to be jealous of them. I just quickly turned to face the tv, to ignore them.



Harry's POV


I was feeling really great and glad that she gave me a second chance. I hugged her tightly and after a while, we decided to go and join the other boys. When i walked in the living room with Kate, I noticed everyone staring at us like we were criminals. 

Liam turned around to watch the tv when we got in the living room. He looked upset. Maybe boys did something stupid to put him in the bad mood. 

I ignored and sat on the sofa next to Louis. Kate sat on my lap and i wrapped my arms around her. She leaned down and hugged me back tightly. I kissed her lips slowly and smiled at her. 



Zayn's POV



I texted Ariel to come over since Harry and Kate made up. I felt weird having her with me here while Harry was upset. Well now, i am glad. 

I waited for few minutes and she came, wearing tank top and cute skirt. I got up from the sofa and hugged her as she walked in. Boys invited her in and Louis put in a movie.

Ice-age 3. Ah. It was good.

We all ended up sleeping in the living room. 




Kate's POV


So That is my love story with Harry Styles. Now we both are married and have kids. The story that you read, happened two years ago. Still, amazing memories with him. He has that, one thing <3. 




Zayn and Ariel are now dating. Ariel is a model. Liam has a girlfriend, named Danielle & Louis has one named Eleanor. Nialler is still waiting for his princess. He will find one, soon.  




Author's note : Okay, i swear i cried writing this. So this is the end of this story. 


I hope you guys like this! <3 This story is seriously like my baby. ._. , Watching it grow up and up.  


DON'T WORRY GUYS! :)  There is this new story that i am still updating.

That story is about a girl named Taylor, falling for Zayn and Niall. It's hilarious and you guys will love it! :) <3

The name of the story is "Unexpected and Complicated Love - 'Zayn Malik & Niall Horan"

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I will be updating that story's chapters everyday, if possible. 

Tears rolling down my cheeks now, i need to finish my Author's note. :c

Anyways, It was fun writing this story and having ALL YOUR Support <3. 

Thank you thank you thank you SO Much for reading ! :) Glad you guys likey. c:

Well, Now that i am gonna have to update my new story, Ima go. 



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