Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


14. Chapter 14


Hellooooo! :) So, since i was working on the new story last night, I couldn't post chapter 14.  Oh well c:  I am sure you guys will love the new story that I've started. 'Unexpected and Complicated Love - Zayn & Niall' 

If you didn't start reading that one, then i suggest you to :) it's hilarious and I even died writing it xD. 

Anyways. So now, Emma kissed Hazz infront of Kate and others. See what's gonna happen next. (:


Chapter 14. 



Kate's POV.


He said he was going to the restroom, so i just nodded and sat there on the small stool, looking at his direction. He was walking across the dance floor and i saw Niall and Liam staring at him too. 

Suddenly,  a blonde chick came upto him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Is this a nightmare? I thought to myself and looked at Niall, who was now looking at me. 

Suddenly, she leaned over and kissed hm. I felt tears bursting out of my eyes, i just looked away and sniffed without making noise. I took my iPhone out of my little red purse and checked my texts, trying to ignore what was going on. 

I kept reminding myself that this was real. My boyfriend just kissed someone, infront of me. Maybe he was just drunk. But still, you didn't push her away. 

My mind was blowing up with questions to ask him, I got up from my stool and walked out of the club. I felt like people were staring at me, but i didn't care. 

The security opened the big club door for me to exit and it was dark outside. Since it was far away from my house, i didn't know what direction to go to get to my house. I looked around as i was standing there on the plain street, no one was around. Just street lights. I heard club door closing. I walked straight by the side walk and I thought to myself. What is he going to tell me after all this? Are we done? 

I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I wiped them away and leaned back on some big apartment wall. I slided down to the floor and leaned my head and arms on my knees. I cried. Cried for hours. 

I checked my iPhone and it was 3 AM. I sighed and wiped away my tears. My eyes were soaking and about to dry. I probably looked horrible because of my eyeliner and everything after crying for hours. 

I closed my eyes, still leaning back against the wall and sitting on the floor. I heard someone walking close to me. I looked up and noticed, it was Liam. His hands were in his jeans pocket and his hair was messed. He looked down at me and he looked upset. I groaned and got up slowly, he came close.

"I am sorry.. " he whispered, wrapping his arms around me, hugging me tightly. I hugged him back as i went in his chest. It was warm, just like Harry's. I miss him. So much. 

"Don't.. Mention it.." I soaked in tears again. He rubbed my back, leaning close to me. 

"Shh.."  was all he said. He kised my forehead and I just stood there weakly. I was tired and upset. 

He noticed somehow. He leaned down and picked me up, i didn't refuse this time. I burried my face in his hard chest and held tight. He walked to the parking lot near the club and got in his car. I sat next to him and we didn't talk much until we got back to the hotel.

I got out of the car as he parked to the hotel parkinglot, i looked around and the cold night breeze hit my cheeks. My tears were dried. I looked at Liam who was getting out of the car and locking it. He got to my side and took my arm. We were inide the hotel and i was sitting on the sofa, my head was in my hands. I heard familiar voice. Harry. 

I looked up and sighed, he was standing there, his head was staring at the floor. Niall and Zayn went in there rooms. Louis was patting Harry's back and pulled him to his room, looking at me.

"I am sorry love, you guys can talk tomorrow. He needs to sleep, or else he would have hard time tomorrow in the morning.." Louis said, his voice was fading as he walked away, dragging Harry with him.

I nodded and looked at Liam, who was sitting close to me, his arms wrapped around me. He was such a nice guy. I mean like, he's so friendly. Always there for me. 

I checked the time on my phone it was 4 AM. I simply yawned and looked at Liam.

"I am leaving.. my mom is probably worried now.. Thanks for tonight." I left a little sarcasm in there because of what Harry did.  Liam looked worried and he frowned a little, getting up from the sofa with me.

He offered to give me a ride and I agreed to it. I got home and simply went to bed. 




Harry's POV


I woke up in the morning and my head was hurting. Hangover. 

I groaned and yawned at the same time. My hair was horrid. I checked my phone and it was 11 in the morning. I looked around and I saw Louis, standing and leaning against my room door.


"What?" I asked, looking at him.


"You know what happened last night right?" He smirked. I felt like i did something wrong.

I sighed because i couldn't remember. All i could remember was, drinking and talking to Kate. Then i walked to the restroom nd peed. What else? 

"Yeah. Where's Kate?" I asked, curiously. 

"Do you expect her to be here after the bullshit you gave her last night?" He asked me. I felt the anger in his voice. 

"What are you talki-" 

He cut my sentence. 

"Don't act Hazza. You kissed that blonde Emma." He yelled, coming close to me and slapping across my face, trying to get my attention and my memory. I felt my cheeks burning. Not because i was blushing, it was because of anger.

The memories flooded back in my head. I remembered everything. The way Emma kissed me, her pink lips crashing onto mine. I didn't stop  her. What have i done?

I took my hand through my curls, thinking about what to tell  Kate. 

Louis sat next to me and looked at me. Noticing what i was doing. I took my phone and checked if i had any texts from her. Nope. 

I sighed and got out of the bed, leaving Louis behind. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. My headache got worse. I took some panadol and sat down on the sofa, while Niall was watching something on the TV.

I slipped out of my phone from my pocket and called Kate.

She didn't pick up. I sighed loudly, which made Niall stare at me. I got up and went ouside the hotel, planning to go and visit Kate. And tell her everything that happened. How much i love her. 

I got in my car and inserted the key. I got to her house and parked it on the side of the road. 

I knocked her door and her mother opened it. She looked at me and smiled at me. Maybe Kate didn't tell her. 

I forced a smile and went upstairs, to Kate's room. I opened the door slowly and saw her sitting on the bed, legs crossed and she was on her laptop.

She looked straight up at me from looking at her laptop screen when i entered in her room.

"Why are you here.." She asked. Her face looked dull. Her eyes were swollen. She looked like she was crying. My heart was tearing apart, seeing her like this.

I sighed and close the door behind me, walking close to her and sitting on the edge of the bed. She was in her pjs. She looked beautiful, even though she looked hurt. 

"Listen.. I am sorry.." I started.

"Why dont you tell her that? For leaving her in the middle of that precious kiss?" She asked, looking straight into my eyes. She looked angry. I felt myself frowning at her words. I looked down at the wooden floor in her room and thought of what i could reply for this. Words didn't come out of my mouth. She broke the silence.

"Thought so" she said, going back to her laptop. 

"I was drunk Kate.." i said, trying to get her back. 


"She kissed me.. I didn't-"

"You didn't push her away or refuse that kiss, Harry." She sounded serious. 

I got up from the bed and tried to walk away from the bed. She stopped me, with three words.

"We're done." 

I felt my heart beating so hard hearing those words. I turned around to face her. I saw tears coming out of her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. I felt tears bursting out of mine. I hid my face by looking down, my curls covered half of my eyes and forehead.

"If that's what you want.." I said slowly, and rushed out of her room. I got out of her house, her mother was looking at me curiously. I didn't say anything. I took my car and went back to the hotel.



Emma's POV.


I woke up this morning and felt a little good. I was happy that i kissed him. I wanted to, for long time. I sent a text to my boyfriend saying that i was at the club last night and i got home early. 

I decided to check my phone if i got any texts from Harry, nothing. I groaned and got out of my bed. I took a shower and clipped my blonde locks up in a messy bun. I wore denim short shorts and dark blue tank top with floral designs on it. First thing i did after getting dressed up, was calling Harry. 



"Hey Hazz" I said softly, letting out little air from my lips on the call, trying to get attention from the boy.

"What do you want?"

Well that was a bit harsh.

"Nice kiss last night.." i said,giggling a little. He is just adorable. I honestly didn't like his girlfriend much. She looked like a bitch to me. No offense. Really.

"Fuck you!" He sounded angry. His british accent with that swear word was just cute. Ha.

"Anytime!" I said, i felt myself grinning. I looked at the mirror while talking to him. I looked good today. 

He dropped the call. I decided to give his hotel a visit. 

I got out my house and got in my car. I parked it on the hotel parking lot and took my phone out when it buzzed. I got text from my boyfriend, Kevin. 

"We're over!" 

"Okay xx" i replied and smirked. Harry is way better than this guy anyways. 

I got in the hotel and i saw an old lady, sitting there on the counter. I had to tell her which count number i was going to.

I walked upto her with my heels crooking on the marbled floor. 

"Excuse me" I cleared my voice, getting the woman's attention. She looked up at me, staring at me up and down.


"Visit to the floor, meeting Harry Styles" i said. Looking down at her, while she was looking up at me. She got up from her rolling chair and stood next to me. 


"No. I am Emma Ostilly. His future girlfriend" i finshed off with a little mutter. Well, she didn't hear it. 

"Whoever you are, you have to wait here" She said, sounding rude.

I raised my eyebrows and walked off her, going upto the elevator. 

"SECURITY!" She yelled and two men came running to me. I shrugged. 

"I can call Harry and get him to pick me up now if i WANT!" I yelled at her, while the two men were holding my arms. I felt anger rushing out of my mouth. 

"Sure. Leave her. Let's see if Harry is going to come down for this fan girl" She smirked, crossing her arms on her chest. What a bitch. 

I took my phone from my little purse and called Harry.

"What?" He picked up.

"Come down"

"What the fuck?"

"This old bitch not letting me get up there. Come down pick me up Hazz!" I looked at her and grinned.

She looked mad. Anyways.

"No." he dropped the call.


I turned and faced the woman and two men. I held my head high.

"He is in the shower. I am going to visit him later." I walked away slowly, getting out of the hotel by opening the glass door.

"He talks to fans in the shower? Oh wow, never heard of that one before" She smirked at me and i ignored her. Urgh bitch. 

I got home and decided to do some shopping later. 




Kate's POV.


After Harry leaving, I heard the front door slamming hard. I sighed and closed my laptop, getting up from my bed. I looked around my room, it didn't look that messy. 

"Kate, is everything alright?" I heard my mom's voice. She was standing by the stairs, waiting for my reply.

"Yeah. it's all fine" I said, groaning and getting out of my room. 

My phone buzzed and I looked around for it. I saw my red purse from last night. It was on the small table in my room. I went and took it, taking my iPhone out.

I saw Niall's text.


'Hey :) hows everythin? '

'We broke up.." 


I simply texted back and tear drops hit on the screen of my iPhone. I wiped it away and my face. I took a long shower and got out. I heard Liam's voice from the living room, along with Niall's and Louis'. I sighed and got dressed. 



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