Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


11. Chapter 11


Ariel's POV (Continue)


“Oh. Yeah. I am” he smiled down at me, looking into my eyes. His eyes were dark brown. He was cute. Can’t lie.

“I am Ariel” I smiled back at him, even though I was in pain. I just tried to forget what happened in the elevator and talked to him.

“Oh! Zayn was talking about you! He said you were coming over. So yeah. I should be going to the store and buying a movie for the night. For us all.” He replied to me.

“ah” was all I said. Liam took my hand and opened the hotel room with his key. As the door opened, I saw four boys and one girl with brown, long hair. She was sitting on the curly haired boy’s lap. Harry. I figured their names out when I saw them. Thanks to google. I saw Zayn sitting on the other sofa, looking up at me and grinning.  Once I got in the hotel room with Liam, Zayn got up and walked upto us, welcoming. He was grinning and smiling down at me sheepishly. I smiled back and blushed a little.

I saw a boy with blonde hair sitting on the floor, eating something. That was Niall!

Then there was a brunette one, wearing striped shirt and was sitting next to Niall on the floor. He had TV remote in his hands. Louis.

Liam went out of the hotel room to go to the store. I was there standing next to Zayn, while everyone just staring at me. Awkward.

“Everyone! This is Ariel.” Zayn announced, looking at his friends.

“Nice to meet you Ariel!” Louis and Niall said together. Harry smiled and said the same after, with the other girl was sitting on his lap.

They all introduced themselves and finally that girl smiled and introduced herself.

“Hi! I’m Kate. Nice to meet you Ariel. We should hangout sometime!” She said smiling at me and getting up from Harry’s lap.

Well, she seemed nice. Not like the other girls. I just nodded and smiled at her.

“Guys we’ll be in my room.” Zayn told them and Louis shot both of us a look.

“They’re gonna make babies like you both do!” Louis whispered to Harry and Kate. Harry just smirked and watched the tv, holding Kate in his arms. Kate slapped Louis’s shoulder and they all giggled. I felt my cheeks burning. Oh god. I always hated myself blushing. I probably looked terrible with those red cheeks of mine.

Zayn grinned and just shook his head at Louis, smiling so innocent.

“Leggoo!” He said, holding my hand and taking me to his room. My heart skipped a beat when he held my hand. My hand fitted perfectly in his. Not to sound so cheesy, but he  is just so beautiful.

As we walked in his room, I noticed it wasn’t much messy. It smelled like a boy’s room. Smell of aftershave. I walked upto his shelf and looked at his books.

“You’ve got good ones here” I said, looking at the books.

I felt him walking close to me, behind me.

“yeah! I just read them when I go on tours. I get bored in tour buses and flights. So yeah.” He said, looking at his collection.

“Amazing” I said, putting the book I was holding, back in his shelf.

“Like you”

“What?” I asked, even though I got the fact that he was trying to flirt.  I swear I saw his cheeks turning red.

“Uh. Nothing.” He said, going back to his bed and sitting down, taking his laptop.

“Ah alright” I said, sitting on the edge of his bed.


Kate’s POV.


After meeting Ariel, I was glad that I wasn’t going to be the only girl in this room. It’s not that I didn’t like hanging out with these boys. But its just that I find it nice to have a girl I can hangout with when I am here.

“You look bored” Harry whispered in my ear, leaning down. His lips were brushing lightly on my ear, and I felt myself shivering for a second. Wow, this boy has amazing skills to get my attention.


“The movie you people watching, is boring!” I complained, looking up at him. I noticed Louis shot us a look, because it was his choice.

“THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE.” Louis said out loud, fake crying on Harry’s knees.

“Oh boobear, it’s an amazing movie!” Harry said with a fake sad face.

“Not” he whispered to me, I just giggled.

I just got off from Harry’s lap and he got up too. We were both standing next to each other.  Harry’s phone rang. 

“Sorry. Give me a minute” he said, walking to the kitchen. I sat back down on the sofa, talking to Niall about their tours.


Harry’s POV


I heard my phone ringing, I took it out from my pocket and noticed it was from Emma Ostilly. The girl from Gotta be you music video. How the fuck did she get my number? I thought to myself.

“Sorry. Give me a minute” I said to Kate and walked off into the kitchen.


“Hello?” I answered, I was annoyed. I didn’t know why. Well then.

“Hey Harry!” she chirped. I rolled my eyes.


“Long time no see! How is everything going? I just got out of my studio few minutes ago. You know I am a model right?” I heard her smirking.

“Yeah. It’s all going great. Ya, I know. I am busy now. So later” I tried to finish the conversation off. I felt bad for making Kate wait for me.

“Hold on. Why such a hurry Hazz? I miss seeing you. Wanna meet sometime?” She asked.

I sighed. I was trying not to be much rude.

“Sorry. I got this week booked.” I replied quickly.

“just one day for me?” 

“Sorry Em, I’ve gotta go. I am in the middle of management meeting now” I just lied and laughed at myself inside for that amazing lie. I dropped the call from her and slipped my phone back in the pocket. Damn, I am so good at this.

I walked out of the kitchen and saw Kate sitting on the sofa, talking to Nialler. God, she was so beautiful. The sunlight was shooting on her face, she looked like an angel. I walked upto the sofa and looked down at her, smiling.

“hey” she said, looking up at me, with a little smile crooking out of those soft lips.

“Wanna go outside?” I asked, hoping she would say yes. Cause I was pretty much bored in here. Louis’ movie selections always sucked. Still love him though.

“Yeah sure” she replied, getting up from the sofa.




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