Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


10. Chapter 10


Kate's POV


I kissed his cheek and smiled at him. He blushed a little and looked back into my eyes.

As always, we got interrupted. We heard a knock on the door. Harry sighed and I got off from his lap, standing next to the bed, flattening my black dress quick, which was upto my knees.

Harry went and opened the door, it was Zayn.

“uh. Sorry to interrupt, whatever you both were doing..” he said, awkwardly.

“MAKIN BABIES!” I heard Louis screaming from the living room.

I giggled and felt my cheeks burning.

“Well, Nandos here. You both can come and eat if you want.” He said, looking at me and Harry. I saw a smirk on Zayn’s face. He probably thought we were doing something like that. Oh well.

Harry nodded as Zayn left, he closed the door slowly and turned around smiling.

“do you wanna go and eat love?” he asked, I simply nodded and went in the bathroom in Harry’s room, to check myself in the mirror.

“You look good with that messy hair, now leggo! Eat!” He was holding my arm and pulling me out before I could do anything to my hair. He picked me up and placed on his shoulder.

“Harold! PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed,  he got out of his room and went to the living room, where I heard all the boys laughing and giggling at us.

He finally let me down and I gave him a look. He gave back an innocent smile and walked into the small kitchen. I followed him and got myself some chicken. I guess, Niall’s fav. From what I’ve heard from my directioner friends.

We both got out food and walked back to the living room.

“ah..” Niall said, still food in his mouth, staring at both me and Harry. All of them were staring at both of us in shock. What happened?

“Zayn’s jaw dropped when he was looking at us.

“What?..” I asked, confused.

Harry just smirked and sat down next to Louis.

“Well, Harry has an excuse for his messy hair. But you don’t Kate.” Louis was smirking and grinning at me.

Harry slapped Lou’s arm as I was sitting down in the sofa, next to Liam.

“Ouch!” Louis pouted, looking at Harry.

“Love you boobear” Harry replied and smiled sweetly.

Rest of the boys were laughing. Horrid! My hair was so messy. Oh well. It’s just them. Not like they’re taking pictures or anything.

We all finished eating and I was sitting in Harry's arms, on his lap. Zayn and Niall were on their phones. Liam was on his laptop, while Louis was just watching something on the tv.


“SMILE!” Zayn said, looking at our direction. I just looked at him and heard a flash from his phone.

My phone vibrated from twitter. I took it out and opened it to see.


“Hazz and Kate, cuddling together. Aren’t they just adorable? :)) Well, they are making babies. We better not disturb them. Xx”

I groaned and stared at Zayn, who was smirking and holding in a huge laugh in his lips.


“What’s wrong?” Harry asked, looking down at me from watching the tv screen.

“Nothing” I smiled and shook my head, giving Zayn a death glare.


I got followers so quick on twitter now because of Zayn. He tagged me in his post, along with Harry. Ah, get ready for the hate messages Kate, get ready.


“Aw! You and Harry are so cute! (:  Can you please please follow me? It would make my whole year!!<3”

I smiled at that tweet and clicked follow on her profile. I got so many other tweets from the girls.


“I hate you so fucking much. -.- Stealing my man? Bitch.”

“Harry deserves someone better :L whore.”

“Don’t listen to the haters, they’re just  jealous. I am too. Oh well :D if Harry is happy, then I am too!”


I sighed and slipped my iPhone back in my pocket.

I felt Harry staring at me. I looked up slowly and met beautiful worried green eyes.

“It’s just..” I started.

“Why do you read that rubbish? Ignore them. You are perfect and they are just jealous.” He told me, looking down.

“eh..” I didn’t know what to reply. I just rested my head back on his hard chest. He leaned down and kissed my forehead.


It was 6 PM when I checked the time on my phone. I called my mom and told her that I was staying at Harry’s for the night. Yes, she yelled but then she was okay with it.



Ariel’s POV

I got back to the hotel from hanging out with my friends and went in my room. I was bored and had nothing to do. I just rested on the hotel sofa and took my phone out. I was going through the texts and decided to call that boy I met in the elevator. Zayn.


To : Zayn , the boy from elevator.

Heey ;D guess who?


Before I could check my other texts from friends, I got new text from him. I opened it.


From : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Yep.  Ariel!


I was shocked that he remembered my name. He probably meets tons of girls a day though.



To : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Glad that you remember my name (:


From : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Lol :)  so. Vas happenin’?


To : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Bored. ._. Nothing good. You tell.


From : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Stuck with my lads! Haha, come over? :) x


I read the reply and I wasn’t surprised. I just giggled and replied.


To : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Ima be there in 10. :)


From : Zayn, the boy from elevator.

Can’t wait to see your beautiful face ;) xx


I smiled at his reply. It was adorable. I slipped my phone back in my small handbag and got out of my hotel room, closing the door behind me. I pressed the elevator button for upstairs and waited for few minutes. It opened and I saw a guy in there. He looked 30. Bushy mustache and to be honest, he looked scary. He looked so wasted. I got in the elevator and just stood in one corner, trying not to make eye-contact with that man. It was all going alright, until he came close to me…


“Where you going huh” he asked, walking close to me in that small elevator. He was standing so close to me, his arms covered around me. I just stood there, without answering him. Hoping the elevator would open, so I can run out. Run away from this guy. My heart was beating so fast and loud. I felt myself sweating. I was scared. Scared, that something bad was going to happen.

“Are YOU MUTE!?” he yelled at me. I smelt his alcohol. It was disgusting. I didn’t look up at him. I kept my eyes pierced to the elevator floor.

He was leaning in, to kiss me? Oh my god.

Suddenly, the elevator door opened. I was thanking the god inside. I looked up at his horrid face.

“Excuse me.” Was all I said.

“I won’t excuse YOU!” he said, pushing me out of the elevator and pressing me against the wall. He was about to rip my shirt, but suddenly..

I heard a boy speaking.


“Are you alright?” the boy asked me, looking at my direction with his worried eyes.

I shook my head, almost crying, trying to get out of this strong man’s arms.


“She’s my girlfriend. We are dealing with some problems. YOU may leave.” The man that was drunk said.


“Well sir, I am afraid she’s not fine. I suggest you to leave her alone or I will have to bring my mates out of that hotel room. Which is mine and four others’. So fucking back off before us breaking your bones and nuts.” he stood up, walking close to us. I saw this boy somewhere.  Then I remembered. Last night I was googling the boy band members. One Direction. The one that Zayn said he was in. Yes! This was Liam.

The strong man just backed off and pressed the elevator button, it opened and he went off. I just stood there, against the wall, still shocked. I looked over at the boy who saved me.

“Are you alright? I am sorry your boyfriend did this to you.. No one should treat a girl like this.. I am Liam Payne.” He said, looking at me and coming close to me.

“I can’t thank you enough. No I don’t even know him.. and..  Yes, I knew that it was your name. You are one of the members of.. One Direction?” I looked up at him, was tired and hurt a little because of what happened. My shoulders were in pain because I was pushed against the wall by that man. 

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