Harry Styles - One Thing

Harry Styles, the big star from the boyband from One Direction.
That night, he runs away from the paps and fans, he tries to find a place to stay that night. That's where he meets this girl. Kate's love for the cheeky boy Harry Styles; It gets complicated when Emma Ostilly joins in between them. On the other hand, there is little love between Zayn and Ariel. Read to see what's going to happen! ;)


1. Chapter 1


Kate and her friends were spending their night at the park. At 9:30 PM, Kate got a text from her mother , asking her to come  home for dinner. Kate sighed, " Hey Sam, I gotta go. It's summer, but its getting dark. We have to get home". Sam nodded and got off the swing with Alexa. Kate and two other girls started to walk to get to their houses. Sam and Alexa went in to a curved lane, cause they had to go to their aunt's house. Kate was alone, walking with her iPhone n her hand. She got to her house, and before she knocked the door for her mother to open it, she felt like someone was in the bush next to the oak tree. She went close to the bush and slightly leaned over to look. She saw a boy with his spiky hair, which was going in one direction. (See what I did there xD). She gasped, trying not to yell. She was creeped out and thought he was a robber  going to steal things from her garage. The boy got up, and looked at her, trying to calm her down. " Hey! please don't shout.. Not trying to make trouble. we just-", before he could finish, a boy jumped down from the tree. His soft curls were covering half of his face, she couldn't see him. "We just needed a place to hide.. for the night. There were fans chasing us.".  She kind of knew..  she realized she saw these two boys somewhere. Online. They must be celebs; She realized. She looked around and tried to recognize who they were. " Um.. i know you guys.. wait..", before she could say anything else. Harry interrupted "I am Harry Styles - and this is Zayn Malik. We're from .." ,  Zayn and Kate finished it up "One Direction". She wasn't a big fan of them, but she realized that all the girls in her school wanted them. She nodded and faked a smile.  "Well, have fun out here.", she waved and walked toward her house door. Zayn called out " Wait, we were thinking that you would help us.. We can pay though..". Zayn finished it,  Harry sighed. Kate turned around to face the boys, she nodded "how about the garage? I am not letting strangers in my house."

Harry laughed and said,  " Fine with us !", Zayn nodded along. She opened the garage door and let them in, she gave her grandpa's old blanket and smiled "good night boys!". Harry gave his cheeky smile "good night beautiful". Kate rolled her eyes and got into her house. She had her dinner and went upstairs. She was sitting on her bed, she realized that the boys would be hungry too. It was 10 P.M. 


She went downstairs to get them something to eat, she noticed the door open. She saw her mother coming inside. 


Her mother came inside  and she noticed Kate standing there holding two little boxes of food. She raised her eye brows and asked ," What's that for?", Kate shrugged and replied, " I am going outside.. for some air .. and I am kind of hungry. Going to eat..". Her mother laughed and said "Oh again?", Kate nodded with a smirk "again". 

She got out of the house, closing the door behind. She opened the garage back door slowly, and turned the light on. She noticed Harry laying on top of Zayn. They looked tired, they were sleeping. She cleared her throat and they jumped waking up with widen eyes. Harry shook his head and looked at Kate with his bright marbel green eyes. "um dinner?", she said whispering softly. Zayn was rubbing his eyes and yelling " Oh my god I am starving, get me that food here!".

Harry got up and walked close to Kate, he was taller. 5'10. She was 5'7. She gave the food boxes to him and turned around to get out of the garage. Before she walked out, "Thank you" Harry said in his cute british accent. She looked back at him turning her head around, nodding softly. She got into her house and closed the door. She noticed that her mother went to bed, she slowly went in her room without waking her up. She went on google and typed up "One Direction", and saw the latest news about them. The first thing she saw was "Two of the One Direction boys are missing! Zayn Malik & Harry Styles..", she clicked the link and she saw a big paragraph. She just passed it and went on her facebook. She talked to her friends and told Sam about what happened. Kate could tell that Sam was freaking out on the other side of the computer. After a while of talking, Kate turned her laptop off and took her iPod with her to bed. She shuffled the songs and closed her eyes. 


The next morning, she woke up. She knew, it wouldn't be normal. She got off the bed in a rush, hoping her mother didn't go by the garage side. She brushed her teeth and went out of the house in a rush with her pjs and shirt, noticing her mother was sitting on the couch drinking coffee. She opened the garage door and the boys were not there.

She looked around and she felt like someone was behind her. She turned around and saw Harry standing close to her. 1 inch different betweeen them. She was breathing heavily, he was looking down at her. She backed up a little and crossed her arms around her chest, trying not to show off her pjs. 

He smirked and turned around to check on Zayn, "Zaaaayn! comeee!"

Kate just stood there confused. "well, our security will be here anytime. So we're going to leave. We wanted to thank you for giving us your garage for yesterday night." Harry said smiling, showing his cute dimple and his gorgeous smile.

She returned a smile and nodded "No problem. As long as you both get home safe, its all fine. Anyways, Later ", she closed the garage and went inside the house. 


Harry and Zayn were standing there, waiting for their ride. After waiting for 10 minutes or so, a big black van came, boys got into it and left Kate's place.

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