Forever Young <3

When Me And My Best Friend , Hannah , Went To London For Vacation, We Thought It Was Gonna Be Full Of Fun, Laughing, And Shopping! But When 5 Boys Become Apart Of Our Lives, Everything Changes! Will There Be Romance? Maybe! Will There Be heartbreak? Maybe! Will There Be Fun Moments? Well Of Course!! There Will Be Tons Of Sad, Fun, Happy, And Funny Moments IN This Story! Are You Ready?


2. This Ought To Be Fun!

" Beeeeep! Beeeep! " I woke up to the sound of a car honking. I looked outside my window to find a yellow cab waiting in front of my house. Holy sh*t! We had over slept! " Hannah get up! We over slept! " I shouted and shook her vigorously so she would wake up. She finally jumped up as her hair flew in every direction. " What the hell?! Why are you yelling in my ear?! " " We have to get ready! The cab is waiting on us! We overslept! " I got up, rummuging through my draws. " Sh*t! " " yeah! " she got up and got her outfit for the day. A couple weeks ago, my dad had gotten us two plane tickets for London. We had talked about it ever since. Today was the day and we had already screwed up! I had found my London flag flowy top with black , high-waist shorts with golden spikes on each side and my white chucks. Hannah wore a navy blue spagetti strap with a cream colored, high waisted skirt and sparkled flats. We grabbed our bags and headed out the door.

Hannahs POV

We had overslept! And then had to rush out of the door to make the plane on time. Avery's dad had gotten us plane tickets for London a month ago and now was the day. But of course it's just the beginning! This will be an eventful two weeks for us! And I think we both need it! Between Avery's breakup and my cousin passing away, this will help with the pain and sadness. Avery's dad was actually really nice for doing this. I always saw him as my second dad. " Hannah! We are here! " Avery said. " Oh! Sorry! " I hopped out of the taxi to be greeted by the huge airport known as LAX. Avery and I have been here many times! We know our way around like it"s our own house! Me and Avery walked toward the doors as I saw a familiar band walk out of their limo. OMFG IT'S ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!!! " Avery! " I whispered as I pointed in their direction. Avery had a puzzeled look on her face as she turned her head in the direction my finger pointed in. The look on her face soon turned into a fangirl expression. " OMG OMG IT'S ONE DIREC-" my hand muzzeled her voice as the boys faced us. " Haiiii! " I waved awkwardly while I felt my cheeks turn different shades of red. They just laughed and went on with walking in. " Why in the hell would you yell their name?! " " Ummmm... hmmm maybe it's because I LOVE THEM AND I WAS FANGIRLING! " she yelled back. " That just draws attention to them and everyone runs toward them and then they hate us forever! " Oh please! " she said while rolling her eyes. " You wouldn't be saying that if you had that kind of awkward moment with the boys! " " Dude! That"s better than just seeing them walk out of a limo! You have to spill! " " Avery, come on! We are gonna be late if I stay here a " spill "! " I replied as I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the gate.

Avery's POV

When we arrived at the airport, we saw our 5 boys step out of their limo! Of course, knowing that i'm a huge directioner , I fangirled! But Hannah's handed muffled my scream and after, she yelled at me for screaming! We stood at the gate of the plane as the attendant checked our tickets. " Here you go! Have a safe flight! " she said with a fake smile. " Well she really doesn"t want to be here! " Hannah said in a hushed voice. " Sucks for her! " I said as we looked back and giggled. When we walked in the plane, we searched the plane just to see who was on. Dad had gotten us first class seats where you are most likely to find celebrities! We headed to our seats and as we sat down, we noticed that One Direction was sitting right next to us. This ought to be a fun ride.

Authors Notes~ Hope you like it! Spread the word about it! Thanks for reading! :) xx

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