Forever Young <3

When Me And My Best Friend , Hannah , Went To London For Vacation, We Thought It Was Gonna Be Full Of Fun, Laughing, And Shopping! But When 5 Boys Become Apart Of Our Lives, Everything Changes! Will There Be Romance? Maybe! Will There Be heartbreak? Maybe! Will There Be Fun Moments? Well Of Course!! There Will Be Tons Of Sad, Fun, Happy, And Funny Moments IN This Story! Are You Ready?


1. Really?!

' Babe, Please Talk To Me! ' My Ex Texted. He was recently caught cheating on me with some skanky blonde head. But of course i've let it go! I just dont talk to him as much anymore. " Avery! " My best friend since forever, Hannah , yelled. " yes! " i yelled back. " wheres the- " " Top shelf, cabinet to your left " I cut her off because i knew exactly what she was asking for! Green beans and mac & cheese were her faves to eat. Always ate them as a kid and still did. She reminded me of a raccon. How as soon as she stepped into my house, she headed to the kitchen and found whatever sounded good. " Thanks " she said! I walked into the kitchen to see what she was doing. " Can you believe that Junior Year is almost over? " " I know! It's seems like just yesterday we were in this very kitchen baking cookies with your mom for our party in Kindergarten! " We had met in Kindergarten and ever since, we have been like sisters! We have always liked the same celebrities, music, shows, etc. Right now, it was One Direction! It will always be those 4 brits and 1 leprechaun but you know what i mean! They were the best of the best! Those 5 boys were talented, irish, british, funny, weird, crazy, and out of all, sexy! Of course, we never got to meet them or go to a concert but we always tried! " Hey Everyone! " my dad shouted as he walked through the door. " Hey " Hannah and I shouted back in unison. " I've got a suprise for the both of you! " I love my Dad's suprises but there aren't really one's that get me all hyped and smiley. " Where do you want to go for summer vacation out of all places? " he asked in an excited tone. Me and Hannah looked at eachother and then back at my dad. " LONDON!!! " we shouted in unison with ear to ear smiles. " Well then here you go! " He handed an envelope to me and i opened it. I pulled out 2 airplane tickets that were for London! " OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! REALLY?! " Hannah was behind me freaking out with joy! " Yeah " my dad responded. " Thank you so much! " We both hugged him. " Why are there only 2 tickets though? " I asked. " Well me and your mom thought about it and we thought that you deserve to be on your own. Your getting older and deserve some independence. " " Thank you so much!! " I hugged him again and hannah and I ran up stairs. I couldn't believe i was really going to London! WITH MY BEST FRIEND! AND NO PARENTS!!

Authors Notes~ If you read this, thanks so much! Im new to this so please leave nice feedback! (: I'll try to upload more when i can! xx  

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