The day he stole my heart

London,Zayn, music, ando most of all love. Alex would always Remeber this day for the rest of her unsingle life.


4. The boys And the manger

Zayns POV

I walked into me and the boys room all they boys were on tw couch playing on there DS. I was on cloud 9 and I couldn't come down and appearently the boys could tell that I was extremely happy. Louis came up to me and asked me why are you so happy? But before I could answer Harry said something like what I was going to say...Harry: "Zayn found his lover!" tell us everything Zayn' and I mean everything! Harry demanded.

By now all the boys knew about Alex and how I was going to go on a date with her an how just from one look at her I could tell she was the one for me. All the boys did for the rest of the day was tease me until Liam asked me this "what is Alexs dad going to think! You know what he said about Alex! You can't take the chance of being with her because if you hurt her we won't have a manger anymore.

Ugh! I can't belive this Zayn thought to him self how could he not think about this before. But he couldn't get Alex out of his head and of how amazing she is. Zayn knew what he had to do for the sake of the band and his girl Alex.
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