The day he stole my heart

London,Zayn, music, ando most of all love. Alex would always Remeber this day for the rest of her unsingle life.


3. One direction infection

When I woke up I saw Zayn in my perfectly light purple and white bed room. I still couldn't belive it Zayn was in my room just Zayn and this time it wasnt a poster it was actually Zayn sanding right I front of me with a worried look on his face.

Zayn: Are you ok Alex?
Alex: I think so. What even happened?
Zayn: You passed out and I caught you before you hit your head and I'm here to check on you.
Alex: THanks so much for like saving me. I'm really a big fan of you guys and you.
Zayn: well thanks I'm a fan of yours too your dad always talks about you and shows us pictures of you he really has missed you.
Alex: oh.
Zayn: yeah he is really a nice guy you are so lucky to have a dad like that.
Alex: haha yeah.
Zayn: there is something I wanna ask you
Alex: what is it?
Zayn: whould u wanna have dinner with me tonight just us so I could get to know you better?
Alex: ya that sounds great! I will see you then.
Zayn: ok well I will be in my room if you need anything it's the 2 door down the hall way.
Alex: thanks bye see you soon.

Zayn P.O.V.

I can't belive she said yes to have dinner with me! I never thought he would say yes! I think I might like her. She has beautiful blue eyes and long brown hair and she was tw prettiest girl I have ever seen! I gotta go tell the boys!
Alexs P.O.V
I can't belive Zayn malik asked me out and saved me this is the best day of my life I have to find out what to wear!
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