The day he stole my heart

London,Zayn, music, ando most of all love. Alex would always Remeber this day for the rest of her unsingle life.


1. Off to London

It was the day Alex was looking forward for months, today was the day she was going to live her long time dream but she didn't know that yet. She jumped out of bed after kissing her Zayn poster. She put on her white shorts and her favorite crop top that had zayns signature on it.

Alex absolutely loved one direction! She knew every word to every single song and had everything of one direction! All she wished for every night at 11:11 was to meet her 4 best friends Niall Harry louis and Liam and meet her fantasy boyfriend Zayn Malik. She knew everything about him and obsessed over him. But knew that he was a regular person just like her. Alex hoped that when she was in London while visting her father who was working in London for the music buisnuss she would meet one direction and who she hoped to be her boyfriend Zayn. But she knew she would never have a chance because she sees all the other girls he would want why would he want a nobody like her.

While she finished packing up the last of her stuff for London she was thinking about how amazing it would be the be zayns girlfriend in real life not in one of her dreams. "honk" it was her friends picking her up for London she forgot they were coming with her!

Alex jumped in the car and started her way off he London!
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