The day he stole my heart

London,Zayn, music, ando most of all love. Alex would always Remeber this day for the rest of her unsingle life.


2. London

A few days went by...

Alex and her friends Kathleen and Carly and Janet were finally there! In London! Alex was so excited she couldn't wait to see her dad!

When she finally got to her dads house she gave him a huge hug! She hadn't seen her dad since she was five and her parents got divorced and now she is 17. It was a little awkward at first because Alex hadn't seen her dad in 12 years.

Alex's dads house was huge! It looked like a house one direction would live in! And then the next thing she new there was one direction standing in front of her telling her there names in there cute britsh accents. Then there was Zayn standing next to louis shyly but kept looking at Alex.

Zayn: hi I'm Zayn nice to meet you Alex. You probably are wondering why we are at your dads house.
Before Zayn could say anything more Louis said your dad is are new manger! Isn't that fanstic?! We are all going to be best buds!

Alexs face got all red she couldn't belive that there was one direction right in front of her and Zayn the guy that she absolutely loved couldn't keep her eyes off of her. She couldn't take it anymore and the last thing I saw was Zayn running towards me and I blacked out.

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