The day he stole my heart

London,Zayn, music, ando most of all love. Alex would always Remeber this day for the rest of her unsingle life.


5. Alexs dad

I walked down the long spiral stair case nervously I knew what I had to do I had to tell mr. Smith that I was going to take his daughter out.

Hello mr. Smith I have to ask you something Zayn said nervously
Mr smith: hey Zayn what is it?
Mr. Smith: what is it? Im working right now.
Zayn:thanks for all the hard work you have been doing I really appreciate it.
Mr. Smith: oh. No problem now go I have a ton of work.

I can't belive I lied to him but I guess it's better if it's the boys and Alex and my secret he wouldnt find out I hope. When I got up to my room I told the boys everything and they swore not to tell anyone and I was great full but now came the hard part how was I going to tell Alex about everything? This was going to be an interesting date.
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