Tell Me A Lie

The summer of 2012 completely changed Chloe's life. When she got in a terrible accidemt before a meet and greet, she went from being just another being the most envied girl in the world, Niall Horan's girlfriend. But having her dream come true is not as easy as she expected.


11. Taken

         In the car we talked about our summers and Niall asked Kathleen tons of questions. That was one thing I loved about him, he could talk soooo much and make friends with anyone in just one short car ride.

              We pulled up to a huge building that obviously was occupied by teenage boys. There was a basketball hoop in the driveway and a mini soccer net in the lawn. 

          "Here we are!" Niall announced, unbuckling his seatbelt and helping Kathleen and I after the car. He held my hand tightly into the house. I loved the feeling of his hand in mine. 

         "This is really nice!" kathleen said as we walked into a room that looked like a hangout spot. It really was nice, there were huge leather couches surrounding the biggest TV I had ever seen in my life. There was a huge book case FILLED with xbox and wii games, and another one stuffed with movies. There was a huge fridge with a glass front, you could see drinks of every kind stocked in it.

           "Where is everyone?" I asked, sitting next to Niall on a section of the couch. Kathleen sat next to me, right as Harry walked in. I stood up again smiling. 

         "Hi, I'm Chloe!" I said putting out my hand to shake his.

          "I know who you are!" he replied, laughing,"by the way...we don't shake hands around here..we give hugs! He wrapped me in a huge bear hug. Then, he hugged Kathleen and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed, smiling. He mustve not given me a kiss because he knew Niall liked me.

         Liam and Louis came in after Harry sat down next to Niall on the couch. We got hugs from both of them too. They told us that Zayn was out with his girlfriend, Perrie. It was so amazing to me how they all could be so gorgeous and smell so good. I really wanted to be friends with all of them and I knew Kathleen did too.

        I noticed that Liam could NOT stop staring at Kathleen! He obviously had a thing for her. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her!! Harry turned on the TV, so I sat between Niall and Louis. Niall put my arm around me. kathleen sat next to Liam and I thought I saw him give her his number. They would be so cute together! 

              All of a sudden, we all jumped from a huge bang behind us. Heart pounding, I turned around and saw a huge rock on the floor. Harry walked over, slowly and shaking and picked it up. It said "I'm going to kill you, Chloe. NIALLS MINE" on it. Instantly, the boys called security. I felt light headed.
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