Tell Me A Lie

The summer of 2012 completely changed Chloe's life. When she got in a terrible accidemt before a meet and greet, she went from being just another being the most envied girl in the world, Niall Horan's girlfriend. But having her dream come true is not as easy as she expected.


12. Stand Up

       Pretty soon, the boys had security lining the house and checking camera tapes to see who threw the rock. I was still shaking, but I felt safer with Niall's arms around me. Louis and Harry went to the kitchen to get some snacks, leavig me, Niall, liam, and Kathleen alone on the couch. Every couple minutes Kathleen and Liam would get closer.

         "Niall, I'm really scared!" I whispered to him.

       "This is why I didn't want to get a girlfriend. We are not even in our home country and girls are already threatening to kill you. Just dont worry about it though, I will do whatever I can to keep you safe" he said, hugging me even closer. I didn't know it would be this hard, be a girlfriend of a celebrity. Technically, I wasn't officially his girlfriend and people were trying to kill me. It really worried me and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

       "The house is on lockdown right now, so you girls aren't allowed to leave until tomorrow. Meaning you'll have to stay the night..." Liam said, smiling at Kathleen.

          "If you say so..." I answered. I didn't want to show it, but inside I was secretly excited that I got to spend more time with not only Niall who I REALLY liked, but also the other boys that I wanted to be friends with.

         I looked over at Kathleen and Liam whispering and giggling to each other. I was so happy for her. Her biggest dream, her biggest hope, her biggest 11:11 wish was finally coming true. I could see it in Liam's eyes that he really liked Kathleen.

        I guess me falling down the stairs at the meet and greet was fate. If it didn't happen, I might not have been there cuddling with the hottest boy in the world, watching one of my best friends having the time of her life.

       Harry poked his head into the room "Sorry to interrupt, but does anyone want something to eat?" Niall being the hungry person he is, practicqlly bolted to the door. He motioned for the rest of us to follow, smiling. We all got up and laughed at him for being such a fat ass. (:
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