Tell Me A Lie

The summer of 2012 completely changed Chloe's life. When she got in a terrible accidemt before a meet and greet, she went from being just another being the most envied girl in the world, Niall Horan's girlfriend. But having her dream come true is not as easy as she expected.


35. One Week

                The next weeks of July and August went exactly the same. We all hung out, Kathleen and Liam went strong, so did me and Niall, and Alex ended up going back to America. We went out to dinner a ton, we met new people, we watched movies, we laughed, and we all became best friends. One Direction finished their touring in the U.K, so we did a little bit of traveling, but not much. The week I dreaded arrived, the week before me and Kathleen’s plane back to Chicago was booked. We were flying back on August 22nd, because our senior year of high school started on the 25th. I loved Niall but I knew that I couldn’t stay with him for the whole tour. In September, they were coming to America for 2 months and he promised me he would come and visit, but for our last week we tried to fit in as much as possible.

                Friday, August 15th.  I woke up with Niall next to me, but like always he was still sleeping. So I went downstairs to see who was awake. Only Liam was awake, so I sat down with him on the couch and we just watched cartoons.

                “Liam, what are you going to do without Kathleen?” I asked.

                “I’m not sure. We’re going to make this last week count though, all of us,” he looked sad, I could tell he was thinking about being away from Kathleen. This whole summer, he spent more time with her than I even did.

                Eventually, Kathleen came downstairs and they went into the kitchen to eat breakfast together. I didn’t want to waste more time watching TV, so I traveled back up to the bedroom and hit Niall in the face with a pillow. He turned, not even opening an eye. I kept hitting him until finally he woke up.

                “That was not very nice!” He said in his tired voice. He was so cute right when he woke up.

                I laughed and crawled back into bed next to him. He hugged me close to his body.

                “One more week,” he whispered sadly. We had been trying not to count down, but it was kind of hard.

                “What are we going to do today?” I asked him.

                “Whatever you want to do,” he answered.

                “Anything! It doesn’t matter.”

                “Then we’ll let Liam do the hard work and make the plans. I’m too lazy,” he groaned and rolled over so I was on top of him. I gave him a kiss then went to brush my teeth and fix my hair.

                When both of us were ready, we went to eat breakfast together. When we got in the kitchen, Kathleen and Liam were just sitting there drinking coffee.

                “We waited for you guys, since there’s nothing to eat here, we were wondering If you just would rather go out for breakfast,” Liam offered. I wrote a note for the rest of the boys to tell them where we were going, since they were still asleep. Liam decided he wanted to drive us, so he got his way and he        did. Kathleen sat in the front seat with him, and me and Niall stayed in the back. After about five minutes, we pulled into the parking lot of a cute little diner. It wasn’t very crowded, so that was good. There probably wouldn’t be many fans there to interrupt our meal. We ordered a bunch of pancakes and coffee and ate and talked. We talked about what we might do for the rest of the day. After a couple crazy ideas came up, we decided that it was a good idea go for a long walk and hang out. So, in the nice summer weather, that is what we did. We went to a nearby park that Liam and Niall admitted they used to write songs at. We got back to the flat at around 4.

                When we got back, only Louis and Harry were there, sitting in front of the tv playing video games. They told us that Zayn went shopping for clothes. Nothing exciting had happened since we were gone, when usually the house was a complete mess and there was so crazy story to go along with it. That’s what always happened when Harry and Louis were in charge of themselves.

                We rested from our long walk until around 6:30. Around that time, me and Niall decided we should attempt to make dinner for everyone. We started off trying to make homemade pizza, but that didn’t work out. We ended up just throwing flour and other ingredients at each other, and kissing. We figured out that cooking really wasn’t our thing, so we made boxed macaroni and cheese for everyone. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like, going back to school without Niall.

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