Tell Me A Lie

The summer of 2012 completely changed Chloe's life. When she got in a terrible accidemt before a meet and greet, she went from being just another being the most envied girl in the world, Niall Horan's girlfriend. But having her dream come true is not as easy as she expected.


7. Moments

         Everybody knows that these days "call me" really means "text me". So i texted Niall as soon as I checked out of the hospital. My fingers shook as I typed.

                "hey its chloe. xx" I put my phone down, relieved. Hopefully that was good enough. I was worried that he forgot about me by now, that he found another fan to hit on and got her number. Besides, if he wanted a relationship it wouldn't work out. I lived in a different country, in Chicago. He lived in Ireland. There is no way that we could ever ever work out. Gosh, I felt so stupid texting him. He just felt bad for me. I'm nothing special! He was never going to answer and I had completely embarassed myself.

            Ding. "hey, how ya feeling. in chicago for 3 more nights on break and then going to michigan. can i see you tonight?" 

              Oh. My. Freaking. God. Did NIALL HORAN just ask me to go on a date with him? I looked up at the One Direction poster on my wall and gasped. The guy inthe poster actually wanted to see me again. I wonderedif he would have still had interest in me if I hadn't passed out at the meet and greet. He probably wouldn't have even noticed me.

                    "ya sure. where?" I tried to sound as calm as possible in my response. I didn't want him to know how excited I actually was. I didn't want him to think I was a freak..and I definitely didn't want him to know about how crazy of a fan I was, and how before this I wouldve done anything to even get a high five.

               "ill come pick you up at your house, bring you somewhere special. whats your add. xx"

            I gave him my address and he texted back to be ready by 7. Nobody was going to believe this. I actually had a date with NIALL FREAKING HORAN. In the back of my mind, I wanted it to be real so bad. But in the front of my mind, I knew that this probably wasn't a real date, just some publicity stunt. It would be great for the band if Niall brought a fan with a broken arm out fordinner. It would be all over the magazine covers.                                                           What had i gotten myself into?
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