Tell Me A Lie

The summer of 2012 completely changed Chloe's life. When she got in a terrible accidemt before a meet and greet, she went from being just another being the most envied girl in the world, Niall Horan's girlfriend. But having her dream come true is not as easy as she expected.


26. Jet Lag

         Everyone was healed, so it was FINALLY time to go with the boys on tour! Our first stop was London. I was so excited, I had never been out of the country before. The plane ride was so horribly long, we had to switch flights in the middle and I was cramping up! We finally landed in London and I fell asleep on Niall's lap in the van on the way to the boy's flat. I couldn't help it, I was so exhausted. The next time I opened my eyes I was laying in bed, I shot up because I forgot where I was. I then realized that we were in London! Niall was snoring next to me. This bed was huge! This room was huge! It was obviously Niall's, there was an Irish flag on the wall and a guitar in the corner. 7 boxes were piled up by the door filled with our stuff. The room looked very modern and clean, dark hardwood floors and pure white walls. I pulled my phone out from the table next to me. It said it was 2 pm! Jet lag! It felt like 6 am! I was so surprised the boys carried me to Niall's room to sleep in his bed, but whatever. I got up and quietly opened my box to find my toothbrush and a change of clothes. I was still wearing my outfit from when we left Chicago. I put my hair in a bun, threw on sweatpants and a tshirt ,  and brushed my teeth in Niall's bathroom. Slowly, I crept the door open so I could go explore this place. Right when I stepped out I was in a wide, carpeted hallway. I didn't open any doors because I didn't want to wake anyone up. So, I snuck down the huge winding staircase and ended up in the front hallway. Close by, I could hear the TV on. I followed the noise into a gigantic TV room like the last house. Huge leather couches surrounded the biggest TV I'd ever seen in my life. Laying down on the couch was Harry. His curls were all messed up and he was in his tshirt and a pair of basketball shorts. "Good morning!" he said when he saw me sit down on the couch at his feet. "How long have you been up?" I asked. "Just for like half an hour. How do you like the place?" He said, smiling. "It's really nice. I like it a lot. I feel really weird, though. I've never been to London, let alone another country." I replied. "The boys and Kathleen might not be up for a while, want to go get coffee?" he asked, slowly lifting himself from the couch. "Sure!" I said. I really wanted to see what London was like! Harry went upstairs to fix his hair and change into jeans. I changed into the couple things that I could dig out of the boxes. A pair of skinny jeans, uggs, and a plain tank top. I put makeup on and met Harry back at the front door.
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