The Year of Growth

Amanda is a spoilt child who needs a cure of her selfishness. Alice is a girl fighting to keep her father alive, and to keep her family from falling in to the poor class. Amanda's father has given a reward for any one who can cure his sour-faced girl. That reward will be enough to keep Alice's father alive.

Between the girls there is an instant dislike, but as the year go's on, and the girls grow toghether and discover something that could seal their bonds as friends, or destroy them.


2. Amanda

I sent the china cup flying to the other side of the room. It smashed satisfatorily. "NO! I hate them all! They are all no good! I want my Mama!" I screamed loudly enough to upset my fathers meetings with my new governess or playmate. That would send a few running. I did miss my Mama though. She was my only friend in this world. And she was gone. Dead. She had a sickness. She had died a week or two ago. I wished to mourn her in silence. Not with someone watching me constantly. Finally someone answered my call of flying china. It was my father. "I have found your new... friend." I looked up. "I want only Mama. I want only her to want me. Not some stranger." Papa looked insulted. "This is a little girl. She dosen't want to be here! She is here for her family, not so that you can shriek at her, in your unruly manner." Papa left, leaving me in the room with the girl. She was twelve, the same as me. She had dull, blonde hair, while brown curls adorned my face. She had deep, blue eyes, while I had green, like my mother. This sent me in to another rage, but I confined it, curious of the girl. "Speak your name." I hoped to sound proud and posh, but I could imagine myself sounding so silly, seeing as I acted like a little brat a minute ago. "Alice." She stated simply. Alice. It suited her. "I did not ask for you to be here. I want only my mama." This silenced Alice. I expected her to scold me, telling me my Mama was dead now, and she'd be looking after me. All she said was, "My Mama died. At the end of spring. My pain is as fresh as yours." She left quietly.

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