The Year of Growth

Amanda is a spoilt child who needs a cure of her selfishness. Alice is a girl fighting to keep her father alive, and to keep her family from falling in to the poor class. Amanda's father has given a reward for any one who can cure his sour-faced girl. That reward will be enough to keep Alice's father alive.

Between the girls there is an instant dislike, but as the year go's on, and the girls grow toghether and discover something that could seal their bonds as friends, or destroy them.


3. Alice

Summer has passed. The only spark of friendship I had with Amanda was on that first day, when I told her she was not the only one to lose someone dear. I feel angry. Angry at Mathew. Angry at the father of Amanda, who could not see she needed some love, or at least a support on the trembling ground she walked on. I felt angry at myself for not trying to help Amanda.

I met her in the orchad, on the first day of autumn. The apples where just ripe, the blackberrie bushes bursting with colour. She didn't notice me. She was reading, and I knew now that she could not bear to distract herself for a good hour of so.I opened the back gate, which lead in to the forest sourrounding the house. I was wearing my blue cotton dress, and was holding a little basket. It had a knife in it. I went in a little bit, before finding a clean stream. It had some strong, deicidous, gnarled trees nearby. Perfect. I wandered back in to the orchard and filled my basket with apples and blackberries. I collected stones, and made a trail of them, from the orchard to the stream. I had one stone left. I threw it at the back gate, and got in to a poisition where I could see Amanda jump up. She brushed down her lilac dress which was dusty from the orchad floor, and peered curiously through the gate. She found my trail and followed. She gasped. I had made her a shelter. I had found a dry patch of moss under a tree, which had two strong branches above it. I had found some abandoned planks of wood, which created a roof, and some ivy to make a curtain. I left the apples and blackberries there, the apples cut in to slices. She smiled for the very first time for the time since her mother died. "Thank you." She whispered.

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