This one came very easily to me- once I started writing it, I couldn't stop.
As this is my very first submission here, I ask that any critiques are slightly lenient but constructive is always welcome =)
Hope everyone enjoys!


1. Corruption

“…this we can promise you! This we can deliver to you, the people!”

The same old promises, given through false smiles.

The same old lies to mask true intentions of greedy minds in possession of too much already.

Lavish, tailored suits to cover the festering corruption of the person.

Separate parties with individual views and promises but despite their independence, they all want the same things…control, money, power.

The same old promises to give people the impression that someone cares about their welfare, their lives.

The same old lies to trick the people in believing that they have someone they can trust and depend on.

They all tell us that we need them, that they’re here to improve the world and our lives in it.

The truth is a very different story though, isn’t it?

The truth is we don’t need them.

The truth is they’re not here to improve our lives but, instead, to line their own pockets with our earnings.

The truth is they would watch the world burn as long as they controlled the fire.

The truth is… they need us.

They act like we fear them but we do not.

Governments should be afraid of their people, not the other way around.

And they are afraid of us…

Because they know sooner or later, their greed will get them one thing…justice.

Justice for the crimes they have committed against the people they promise to help and protect.

They’re sweating under those expensive collars of theirs; tugging at them as we the people grow tired of their hollow words.

We the people require justice be done upon those who let civilization rot.

Justice. We will have it; one way or another, sooner or later, we will have justice.

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