Not so much of a fairy tale

A girl keeps having these "mysterious dreams" and she finds them pretty pathetic. she knew that things like that would never happen. locked away in a basement for a room. Her evil step mother tortures her. she kept having these dreams where this mysterious guy saves her from her evil step sisters and step mother. The dream always blurred out the boys face. throughout this fairy tale it takes many twist death as one of them...... ohhh ahhhh


2. The hideout but discovered

        She ran in the old streets of Mullingar, England and ran into a mob people and ran to the nearest store she could fine. She ran into the store and bumped into a guy. "I am so sorry!"

        "Its ok, wait what happened to you?"

        "What  do you mean?"

        "Why is there blood all over you."

         "Oh ummm, well ummph." She sighed.

         "Here come with me." He grabbed her arm and they ran into the crowd. They were all grabbing at his shirt. They rushed into his mums car and drove off.

         "Please tell me what happened to you? Trust me ok i will make sure nothing bad happens to you."

         "You really want to know my pathetic life."

         "YES PLEASE!"

          "Ok, well I lived with my step sisters and step mother. They abused me and i was like there servant. I lived in the basement and got bread for my meals.  I could never escape cause they knew i would tell or something and they would get arrested. So yeah i escaped and here i am now." She said with a look with disgust. "I hate them and i always will."

          "Im so sorry."

          "Why are you sorry?"

          "I feel so bad for you. What did you even do if you ever had a free time."

          "um well its kinda silly....."

          " Spill."

          "Well day dream about well.... This guy but i could never see his face. It was always blurry. He had the most perfect accent kinda like yours and blonde hair. He was sooooo nice and perfect. But thats just silly stuff, fairy tales never come true."

          "That's sounds soooo perfect. Come on, We are here."






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