Not so much of a fairy tale

A girl keeps having these "mysterious dreams" and she finds them pretty pathetic. she knew that things like that would never happen. locked away in a basement for a room. Her evil step mother tortures her. she kept having these dreams where this mysterious guy saves her from her evil step sisters and step mother. The dream always blurred out the boys face. throughout this fairy tale it takes many twist death as one of them...... ohhh ahhhh


1. The escape

              Locked away and cold was Melissa Heart.  She sat there with a face full of dirt. She had scratches up and down her face. The smell of blood lingers the basement walls. The sound of a heart beat is the only trace of life in the cold bloodied basement. She sat there shivering before her step sisters opened the door. "Wake up you fool, its breakfast!" Melissa ran up the stairs and into the warmth of the heated living room.

             There was a staff of servants in the house. Only one was Melissa's best friend and that was Clay. Clay walked in the room Melissa grabbed clay's arm. Melissa began to tell clay her other "mysterious" dream. "This time the blonde boy rushed to my side and began to sing a song. He said that he loved me and did not want to loose me but then  all of a sudden everything went black but i could hear him shout my name."

            "Oh interesting, it could mean-"

            "What are you two doing? Get to work at this very moment!"  Melissa and Clay began at work at that very moment. Cleaning the floors, wiping the windows, cooking, ironing, and many other things. There was going to be a guest coming into the house and All of the servants must do there very finest before He/She may arrive. 

          A knock was heard from the kitchen and The evil step mother Agatha rushed to the door and invited the guest in. Agatha slowly shut the door but not all the way the wind lightly creaked the door open. Agatha did not even notice the door was slightly ajar. She called out to our butler " Why did you not answer the door! I had to, so get off your lazy bum and put the security lock on the door!" This was Melissa's only way to escape, she looked around for clay and saw her taking out the freshly baked pie. Melissa rushed to Clay's side pointed to the door and they both tiptoed to the door Melissa ran out of the house and started to run. She looked back and saw the butler took Clay's arm and was pulling her inside screaming in her ear. This was her only chance Melissa ran down the street and kept running.




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