Not so much of a fairy tale

A girl keeps having these "mysterious dreams" and she finds them pretty pathetic. she knew that things like that would never happen. locked away in a basement for a room. Her evil step mother tortures her. she kept having these dreams where this mysterious guy saves her from her evil step sisters and step mother. The dream always blurred out the boys face. throughout this fairy tale it takes many twist death as one of them...... ohhh ahhhh


3. Niall and his house

           Melissa began to come in very slowly. She did not know who these people were, She was in a complete strangers house. She learned that she could not trust anyone. Melissa began looking around the room and saw pictures of him and 4 others. "Who are they?" She asked with very much interest.

          "You do not know who we are?"


          "Oh sorry its just.... ok well we are one direction and welllll we are kinda famous...." After hearing that she ran towards the door. "I am so sorry i didnt know.... and i dont even know who you are and I am in your house im so...."

          "It is niall..." He smiled. Melissa felt so out of place being  there in a house with someone who was famous. After both of her parents died she was locked from the outside world. She felt so emberassed. "Oh just im so-" and then he leaned down and was slowly going down to kiss her..... "Niall can you get the door!!!!" Niall huffed and puffed...... "One sec mom!" He looked down at Melissa smiled and walked to the door. "Yeah come on in." 4 guys began walking into the house. They looked like the guys in the picture. She panicked and ran down the hall looking for the bathroom. She found it on the right side of the hall.

       She sat there on the ground all curled up in a ball. She did not want to emberass her self even more. Niall knocked on the door. "Umm you can come out now. My lads are here for my birthday!"what! Today is his birthday! What am i going to do i am in some famous dudes house and Now his famous lads are here!!! Melissa was terrified. She slowly opened the door and waved to the boys. " I am so sorry.... Niall..... I didnt know today was your birthday!"


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